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"There are few who perplex me more than a man named Raphael Boren-- if that is truely his name. I am certain that he means well, but due to his occupation, lying has become such a frequent necessity that it has become a habit for him. What astounds me is that even in his situation, he seems to remain in a perpetual state of hopefullness. His life is so dark, so twisted, and yet he manages to smile throughout it all. If there was ever a question as to whichever one man was closest to perfection, my mind would likely drift towards Raphael."

- Ambassador Jaeden'laek, personal journal

AllianceNPC 32Raphael Boren
Title of Gilneas, the Hopeful
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Character class Rogue
Affiliation SI:7, Lordaeron Deathsworn, Kingdom of Gilneas (formerly)
Position Spymaster of the Deathsworn, agent of SI:7, Gilnean spy (formerly)
Location Stormwind City?
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown; likely all deceased
Alignment Neutral good

Raphael Boren is, for someone in his line of work, an interestingly optimistic fellow from Gilneas. It has become an almost universally-known fact that nearly anything he says is a lie, a bad habit he has developed due to his position as a member of SI:7.


Raphael was born in Gilneas at an undisclosed date towards the end of the Second War as a result of rape. Though his mother loved him dearly, she was poor and had to give him up to an orphanage. He was then adopted by a family of nobles who were heavily involved with Gilnean spy operations. Thus, he was raised to be a thief, an assassin, and a liar.

When Genn Greymane began his planning of the Greymane Wall, due to his family's assocation with Gilnean intelligence, Raphael was among the first to know. Though his family supported the King's decision, he did not. Thus, he gathered everything of value and stowed away on one of the last boats to ever leave Gilneas, which, as luck would have it, was heading to Stormwind City.

SI:7 and the DeathswornEdit

Shortly before arriving at Stormwind Harbour, Raphael was discovered on the ship. The crew argued over what to do with him, until it was eventually decided that he would be handed off to the guards. Once there, the guards took him away. He was questioned about how he had ended up on the ship. Raphael gave rather vague details about what had happened in Gilneas between Greymane, his family, and him. A man who happened to be an agent of SI:7 listened on, and challenged Raphael to show him if what he said about being a former spy was really true. Indeed, the agent was impressed. He offered Raphael a spot as a spy in SI:7; a proposition he gladly took.

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