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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

  • Name: Kunal Plushybottoms (it's pronounced koon-UL)
  • Race: ChenStormStoutPandaren
  • Gender:MaleIconMale
  • Class: Spell nature lightningElemental IconSmall ShamanShaman (Level 10)

The Storm of Love Mitigated by ImbalanceEdit

Kunal Plushybottoms was born in the land of Pandaria into a trade caste which he disliked. His caste was middle ranked in society's structure. The positions above him were the warrior and noble castes. The castes below him were the worker and farmer caste. He wished for as long as he could remember that he was born into the warrior caste, so he could drink the honorary kegs of alcohol and practice the martial art of drunken brawling like the fighters of legend. His caste was alright though; he had some adventures. He was required to trade alcohol, the main export of the Pandaren Empire, to whomever was in need of it, giving him some mediocre adventures.

Kunal Plushybottoms knew many languages because he was a trader. He could speak Orcish, Taurahe, Zandali, Common and Dwarvish along with the Pandaren's language. He spoke the first three from mastery of the stories of Chen Stormstout told. He relived Chen Stormstout's adventures in day dreams throughout his youth. It was almost like he was there, fighting crazily with mastery of drunken brawler. The last two languages, Common and Dwarvish, he had to know perfectly because of his caste. He knew Dwarvish especially well because of the Dwarven preoccupation with alcohol, but he spoke it with a Pandaren accent.


Because of the shamanistic philosophy of Pandaria, the elements must always remain in balance. The elements of storm, earth, and fire were looked at not as an enemy or a friend, but rather like an inter-related system. The truth of this fact lay in observation of the elements. The balance of elements was really quite astounding. It was said one only had to look at the storms. They both brought life in rain and destruction with lightning. Further proof came from fire. Fire burns the forests, but energizes the soil with new life. The earth also took life and gave it. Earthquakes brought wooden temples down, but also made the possibility for new temples to be constructed.

Kunal Plushybottoms doubted the sages who spoke of the need for balance. He was just an apprentice Elemental Shaman. His inability with the powers of the elements stemmed largely from his refusal to embrace the concept. "Even though the elements may be balanced, a Pandaren's life does not need to be balance," Kunal Plushybottoms would mutter in frustration over his failed attempts in the elements. Because of the need to react rather than act, these failures were just what his instructors needed. Their instructions reacted to his failures and guided the pupil to the path of self-enlightenment. He could never be shown the truth of balance; he must realize it for him self.


Kunal Plushybottoms thought the purpose of life was excess. More money, he thought, could never be un-enlightened. He loved money because of what he could buy with it. He could buy trinkets to decorate his house and eat Runn Tum Tuber Surprise for holidays. He would not have to be a casual drinker anymore and could drink until he was wasted. The best excess of all were the Pandaren women. He thought he would at least have to be moderately wealthy before he could court one.

Kunal Plushybottoms admired a Pandaren woman for he warrior prowess, but he dared not court her. She was a member of the earth clan which was hostile to his Storm Clan. He admired her for her the way she fought. Her drunken frenzy looked like a storm to him. In the epicenter of recent storms, he had been liable to be swept away, yet still he had stood to tempt his fates. For the beauty of a perfect storm, Kunal Plushybottoms would gladly give away his dreams of excess.


The Earth Clan was currently led by a leader who desired the domination of the Earth Clan over the other elements. The leader believed that the element of earth should be dominant over the other elements. She often illustrated this belief by pointing out that in the natural world earth destroys fire and absorbs storms. Acting on behalf of the element of earth, she broke relations with the fire and storm clan. She believed in imbalance. The other two clans must be less powerful than earth, yet still observation of nature demanded their existence. Above all, there must be no relationships between the elemental factions, because the natural world forbid it. "The torrents ride over the earth, but never mix," she maintained. Because of her philosophy, she decreed, "No other elemental clan shall intermingle with the Earth Clan."

The Journey of EnlightenmentEdit

Kunal Plushybottom's was summoned for council with his guild leader where he hesitantly agreed to a new assignment. In a quaint bamboo room inside a larger building, the guild leader assigned a new task for Kunal Plushybottoms. The guild leader had been noticing a decreased demand for alcohol by the Dwarves of Ironforge. "They are usually our best customers," the guild leader said with a furrowed brow as an aside. With renewed seriousness, the guild leader said, "I want you to go an investigate the Dark Iron Dwarves. Our livelihood depends on customers." With a comforting smile, the guild leader added, "You always wanted to have an adventure like Chen Stormstout." Kunal Plushybottoms tried to argue his way out of his new assignment. "I'm not a warrior, I'm not even equipped to fight," he protested with concerned eyes. "No, no, no you know Orcish, Taurahe and Zandali. The other traders just know Dwarvish and Common. This makes you the best candidate for this mission," the guild leader outlined in a firm tone. "I mean what if you run into hostile forces and need to negotiate your way out," the guild leader added to clarify the reasoning.

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