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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

  • Name: Darkvoid
  • Race: IconLarge Undead MaleUndead IconSmall Human MaleHuman
  • Gender: MaleIconMale
  • Class: VoidShadow IconSmall PriestPriest (Level 5)
  • Profession: EngineeringGnomish Engineering (Level 300)

Darkvoid in Life Edit

Living a normal Human life in recluse, the engineer was a resident in Capital City near what is known today as the Plague Lands in the continent called the Eastern Kingdoms. He lived in a small hut alone in the woods on the city's outskirts, working with the engineering of gadgets of all sorts. He sold his wares in Capital City for the produce available there, but he never lingered around town. They were all a stranger to him, and he was a stranger to them. His hut and his food were of little importance to him, seeing as these material possessions were temporary. He was sure that these were normal thoughts, although his solitude made it impossible to check.

The engineer trained himself to be an engineer in the expansive libraries of Dalaran as a youth. The libraries held more information than just tomes of magical importance. The Second War had made it necessary to scribe volumes of Gnomish knowledge which was mostly forgotten by the Humans of his day. He waged a quiet war, studying and dreaming in the stuffy libraries lit by magical gems. Most of the Archmagi thought he was studying arcane magic and patted him on the back. These were long and lonely hours filled with intermittent accolades. Ironically, he fantasized the library was a crypt.

The good king, King Terenas, gave the engineer a special commission to work with machines, committing him to a livelihood that would one day further the cause of the Forsaken. He was allotted 3Copper based on work completed. This sometimes left him starving, because he didn't always have money to pay for bread. He had plans for a machine which could churn out standardized parchments for scrolls.

The engineer believed the Holy Light philosophy was good, but misinformed. He believed in the virtues of restraint and integrity like Uther the Lightbringer. It was the common reference to it as an entity that worried him. Humanity has long used phrases like "Light give me strength". These should be replaced with "I give myself strength."


The engineer was working as usual before the Lich King's forces destroyed the Capital City and forced him to become an Undead. He was terrified by the screaming citizens and tried to run off to Lordamere Lake nearby to catch a transport ship. He sprained an ankle while running and collapsed at the edge of Lordamere Lake. He woke up later, in the arms of an acolyte who had newly turned undead. They forced him to ingest rotten meat infected with the Plague of Undeath. The squirming worms convulsed in his mouth. They ripped off his jaw to feed him more. The pain was unbearable. They sadistically cackled as they brought another servant into their fold. His consciousness soon faded. Afterwards, he remembers nothing as the Lich King's iron grip controlled his mind.

Darkvoid in UndeathEdit


The engineer regained control of his thoughts after the Frozen Throne had a crack which was draining Ner'zhul's power and saw Varimathras. He saw former townsfolk, like him, in a state of undeath. He was shocked. It was like he was in a new body. His dessicated skin that clung to his face was not as he remembered it. He strained to ask what happened, but his effort enlivened a restless tongue which uncontrollably whipped around his face. He was thirsty for answers when a deep voice boomed from behind. It was Varimathras lit by a Fire Orb playfully oscillating around his claw.

The insidious Dreadlord launched his subjects into war against the Dark Lady. The engineer was stationed at Varimathras' base entrenched between a dense forest, creating two openings. The crafty Dreadlord felt the enemies forces were few but would not take chances. He commissioned the engineer to guide the erection of Spirit Towers on the openings to the base. His body had never known such fervor. The undead, it seemed, could tirelessly exert their bodies without limit. Within days, news of attack was imminent and the Dreadlord's bravely led the attack with a guard of abominations. He valorously perished at the hands of the Dark Lady many times in his onslaught. His reckless attacks added forces to the enemy as the Dark Lady's banshees possessed them.

With numerous new allies, the Dark Lady flooded his base with a sadistic passion that had fallen far from her former High Elven grace. She took a vicious pleasure in her conquest. Knowing that there was no other choice, the Dreadlord pragmatically agreed to forsake traditional allegiance to the greater Dreadlord cause in order to save his individual life. In doing so, he forever branded himself as a traitor to the Dreadlords and the Burning Legion.

The engineer Darkvoid named himself after Tichondrius the Darkener in remembrance of the great destruction Tichondrius the Darkener left in his wake. He heard this leader annihilated whole populations with raining infernals from his king, Varimathras. He renamed himself because of disdain for his former Humanity. The Dreadlord Tichondrius the Darkener was cunning when he lived, but was also prideful, tyrannical, cruel and arrogant. At least, this was what has Varimathras remembered. Darkvoid chose to pursue the class of Warlock to control the demons and demonic magics which gave Tichondrius the Darkener his power and destroyed his homeland. Such power can either be used for good or bad. Darkvoid wields this awesome power for the inevitable good of a world of undeath which he has come to prefer.


Darkvoid had succumbed to the more chaotic side of his psyche. His rage over his once pale skin, flaking off in vile rotten chunks and his once glistening eyes sunken and lit by an supernatural glow, have caused him to hate what he considered beautiful before. He then only saw beauty in death and decay. Beautiful Human women and men of his memories appeared repulsive.

After succumbing to the chaos over his morbid appearance, Darkvoid' identity and his view of himself in the world was warped forever which twisted his spirit with hate. He was not a Human. Humanity meant nothing to him now. All the races seemed to meld into one entity. They were all essentially different from him and he knew why. There were no races; there were only the Undead and the living. His mind churned in chaotic rage over hatred for the living. This fury consumed his thoughts and had opened his spirit up to the demons from the Twisting Nether. This is the same kind of fury the Eredar imparted their conscripts as they conquered races in the Twisting Nether when the Titan Sargeras' metallic frame still glistened with a brilliant luster.

Darkvoid felt a personal connection with cultures who have delved into the demonic magics of the Burning Legion and the Necromatic arts. In the Undercity, he has heard from powerful Undead Warlocks that that the Orcs had a haze of demonic fury dominating their minds since the First War until the Third War. Although Blood of Mannoroth has worn off on their spirits, he reveled in their past scribed in tomes of ancient lore. He desired to trek to Outland to further his knowledge of demons.


His Faction: The Forsaken

Darkvoid is a member of the Forsaken which intends to bring immortal undeath to all the living, because existence in undeath is perfect. The undead are no longer bound to carnal desires to mate. Their spirits never have to leave their body with age, because they never die of old age. Furthermore, they are not bound to mortal love of physical beauty. The Undead Forsaken are tolerant of different races as long as they are in the condition of undeath. He feels they are not racist as a culture. They are potentially the only enlightened culture in the realms of Azeroth, Outland or the Twisting Nether.


The Forsaken is lead by two good leaders Sylvanas the Dark Lady and Varimathras. The Dark Lady decisively took initiative to start her own faction. Varimathras pragmatically choose to side with her. His leaders do not seem tyrannical like Arthas was with the Scourge. Having been briefly under Ner'zhul's iron grip, he is strongly against tyranny. To the Alliance and his former Humanity, The Forsaken might be considered "bad", but he believes the pain is temporarily with the promise of eternity in undeath, being the greatest reward.

Darkvoid hopes that the living are brought into undeath after the Forsaken achieves victory over the Alliance and Horde. He acknowledges no unity with the living. All the armies of Azeroth will either be annihilated by the Undead or yield their souls. He believes the inevitable conversion of their souls shall occur when Sylvanas the Dark Lady brings the Horde and Alliance into her fold by undeath. Once they command true unity in Undeath, they will be ready to defeat the Lich King and rule the world.

Darkvoid's two LovesEdit


The Undercity

Darkvoid is interested in Gnomish Engineering. Gnomish Engineering is the most beneficial field of research for society because it focuses on constructive efforts. On the otherhand, Goblin Engineering seems to focus on destruction, although Goblin Shredders could greatly benefit the Forsaken's lumber yield. They brought in ten times the amount of lumber ghouls could carry in the Third War. He has heard that in Gnomeregan, the Gnomes have a Deeprun Tram which could potentially revolutionize global travel between the Undercity and its expansion bases. Furthering these efforts, Darkvoid would like to do research in the field of Spirit Tower building, bolstering the Forsaken's defenses.


Darkvoid was then employed by The Dark Lady to improve the defenses of the Undercity in terms of towers, the entrance and the bridges. He was trying to rebuild some of Lordaeron's past defensive towers over the entrance to the Undercity. These could be manned by skeleton mages. He was advised by a council of Forsaken master engineers and strategists that it would be in the colony's best interest to raze the towers and erect Spirit Towers instead, so the work never got past the design stage. Another issue he had was he felt the entrance was insecure. The elevator system should have a disease cloud that vents inside, so attackers could not strategically hold this position. After getting approval from the board, an abomination was guided by him to remove the structure brick by brick and install the plumbing, connecting the entrance with a room close to the Apothecary. This room now houses a portion of the corpses and is fanned by a gargantuan fanning machine. Another feature to improve are the bridges. The bridges that span out from the Undercity's interior are weaknesses enemies could attack. He felt they should be reinforced by support from beams of the metal Arcanite found in the Dungeons of Dalaran, but he has not gotten the needed supplies.


Darkvoid started a relationship with Onyx. Onyx was an Undead Troll who was sent to work with him on the defenses. Darkvoid felt Onyx was coy, but in reality the Undead Troll could not speak. Darkvoid understood Onyx's smiles to be flirting, so he took some initiative and encouraged a relationship. He took the Undead Troll's hand and hugged him. It was quite romantic.

From Burning Hate to DarknessEdit

Darkvoid calmed with the compassion from Onyx. He saw Onyx's tattered body of rotten meat and stitches as it followed him everywhere. It followed him with the materials at his engineering projects and to the crypt. His hatred for the living gradually resided with the companionship of Onyx. He now only somewhat disliked the living. Although he had become quite skilled at calling demons, he lost the burning hate which drew them readily. His hate had been a beacon in the void, directing the Burning Legion's agents to him. Now, the firestorm within him had become a mere flame.

Within time, Darkvoid became to question the logic of caring for minions of the Burning Legion as a Warlock. He knew Archimonde's death had ended the assault on Azeroth, but still needed to safeguard the Forsaken from demonic invasion. Why would the Burning Legion freely allow Warlocks to use their magic and minions? Is it to establish a wide clandestine military force on Azeroth who would turn on their new "masters" when the time was right? He vowed to never again call upon the magics which he mistrusted.


Darkvoid felt the emptiness in life which led him to the darkness. Only darkness and cold were comforting. His hopes for worldly pleasure vanished. The world seemed both empty of purpose and meaning without physical pleasures. "How can one find pleasure in this curse?" he asked himself. It was as if all of his senses were muffled, because he lost all physical sensations. His spirit was no longer meshed with his body. His body was like a lifeless puppet whose strings were pulled by his spirit's will. This detachment of spirit caused him to search deeper within himself. The spirit looked within itself to find nothing, but the void. The void sucked all desires and pleasures into it until only an empty husk remained. The void focused the misguided life he led to a purposeful one which transcended all the mortal desires of his former life. His purpose was to shroud the world in darkness. "They shall know the darkness," he whispered as he bleakly gazed into the abyss. With a vacant gaze, he adopted the mantle of Shadow Priest.

Other Characters Darkvoid has written Stories forEdit

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