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  • Name: Boldrish Ancientforger
  • Race: IconSmall Dwarf MaleDark IronDwarf
  • Gender: MaleIconMale
  • Class: Spell holy devotionRetribution IconSmall PaladinPaladin (Level 70)
  • Guild: Sons of the Titans

Boldrish's BackgroundEdit

He was the son of a Dwarven rifleman who helped Lord Garithos battle Balnazzar. His mother bore him and he was blessed by a Holy Light priest in the Ironforge. “May this Dark Iron baby be the strongest warrior of all the Dwarves,‿ the priest hopefully said.


Boldrish Ancientforger’s father was a strong and manly Dwarf, having his strongest quality in pride for his Dwarven ancestry. His father’s brawny muscles bespoke the many times he worked a heavy hammer to pound iron. His beard was as thick as a rug and smelled of gin constantly. On drunken rampages, he beat his wife and cursed at their children. Boldrish Ancientforger took the worst of the beatings, because his father thought that it would make a “man‿ out of him. Afterwards the father scolded the young child for crying. He should "take it like a man". When his father was settled down, Boldrish Ancientforger was told tales of strong Dwarven people, their ancient ancestry and their relationship to Humans. He was told that his ancestors were pounding out the iron when Azeroth was still young. He listened to tales of Dwarven feats of Titanic strength. Most of all he was told of their divine birth; they were children of Khaz'goroth the Titan. "Are we Titans too?" he naively asked. His father replied, "No, we are mortals; it is an unchangeable quality of our kind. Only a Titan by kind can be a true Titan." He was told that the acrimonious racist Lord Garithos had disrespected his father many times when his father served the Alliance. These memories were causing his father to grab more gin to neutralize his angry spirits. Boldrish Ancientforger was told Lord Garithos even described the Dwarves as being of a weaker stock than Humanity. This embittered his father and enraged the young lad.


After his father died, Boldrish Ancientforger hardened him self in his image of the ideal man. He was harder than the rest. The only thing he sought after was to be a man. Torturous exercises of endurance beat out any remaining childhood weakness. His heart was iron, but it bled for his own kind's marginalization at the hands of the Humans.

Boldrish Ancientforgers' father died, but his memory lived on in Boldrish. Boldrish Ancientforger was now a young Dwarven paladin who had quested for honor and the fulfillment of his purpose. He had overpowered many of the Horde forces and had achieved much honor for his Alliance. He was especially fond of ripping powerless Forsaken apart, because of their disgrace to the Holy Light. These were dishonorable kills, because they were not on par with his battle prowess, but a strong gin that clouded his judgement made this massacre seem honorable. He never forgot his own superior Dwarven lineage and reminded his fallen enemies as they lay dieing that they were inferior races. Boldrish Ancientforger bore the seed that had been planted in him from his youth. He hated the Humans for even thinking they were anyway better than the Dwarves. The Dwarves were the first ones here and they were the only ones who should be here. In a fever of hatred, he decided his purpose was to establish the Dwarves as superior to all races in Azeroth.

Boldrish Ancientforger separated from the Ironforge and formed his own guild. His great, boisterous voice boomed down the halls of Ironforge as he elaborated on the superiority of the Dwarves. Many Dwarves loved listening to their own superiority above the other races, especially the Humans. It was his own commitment and self-assurance which comforted the masses. Soon he had enough followers to set out. He named his guild –Sons of the Titans.

Quest for the Ancient ArtifactEdit

The Sons of the Titans knew that with their current numbers they would not be able to overtake the Humans, so they locked the fate of their clan on an ancient artifact of legendary power. The clan secretly dug deeper into the hard earth than any Dwarf had ever under the mountains. These mountains held the key. One of the diggers was a spy for theIronforge king. The king of the Ironforge had been fearful of a possible insurrection within his own kingdom, so he sent a spy with the diggers. They reached a castle-sized tomb of solid rock and were eager for their reward.


The tomb held an ancient and powerful firelord which Boldrish Ancientforger vanquished. The firelord was stationed to guard the artifact by some unknown commander ages ago. The firelord loomed large in the view of all present, expanding to their peripheral vision with a mass of burning flames. In a storm fire and lava, the firelord smote many of the inexperienced Dwarves. These inexperienced Dwarves screamed as their skin was being burned off. They dropped their weapons in a panic as their equipment melted like a wax candle. Boldrish Ancientforger held his teaming emotions inside him as he stood his ground. With fire-resistant armor, he put out the overgrown torch with cleaving blows and unnerving courage. After the battle, he resurrected his fallen comrades for he was a champion of the Holy Light.

He often had trouble reconciling the Holy Light's teachings with his actions. The Holy Light required restraint. He was an alcoholic of the highest caliber and had a short fuse. None of these issues were in his mind right now as he sat to pray and thank the Holy Light for its blessing. He was sure that the evil of the firelord and his good were all that was necessary for the Holy Light to justly favor him as the victor.

The artifact was a tool which could either be used for great evil or great good. It granted the user with an increased personality, enlarging it tenfold. Its glory beamed with the Holy Light as it lay on the pedestal. Boldrish Ancientforger mounted the artifact over his skull. He could fill the Holy Light ripple over his flesh like an earthquake. He felt his own hatred for Humans brim and bubble to unimaginable heights. He desired to massacre all of them and torture them to eternity. The genocide of their race would be a testament to the supremacy of the Dwarven Race and the mastery of their king. As he chugged down a couple of kegs they brought, his face wrinkled in hate and he declared “We are the Sons of the Titans! We are the first race on Azeroth. Humanity has lived its last days.‿

The artifact also enlarged his arrogance. He was sure that his anger and alcoholism were consistent with the Holy Light's teachings. He was, after all, doing his crusade for the Holy Light. How many other priests who proclaimed themselves good men and women vanquished an ancient evil. He was closer to the purity of the Holy Light's teachings than any of them ever were. He knew the correct interpretation of sacred doctrine and they were all fools. "Fools and laity," he bellowed as his face curled to show his spite.

The spy had seen enough and desperately tried is escape, but he could not. Boldrish Ancientforger caught wind of this espionage and made haste to the betrayer. Anger at being deceived made his judgement and justice swift. There existed no mercy in his heart and no softness in his blows as he pounded the poor soul to a mound of flesh and blood.

Stormwind OvertakenEdit


His speeches attracted more followers in the days before the his siege. The artifact impassioned his gestures and expressions. They painted a world of grandeur for the Dwarven Race. He sought to elevate the Dwarven Race at the cost of the Human Race. There were to be no concessions and no remorse.

The Human commanders knew nothing of the growing threat within the Alliance and trusted the Dwarves as their ally to the fullest. Human emissaries traveled to the growing Dwarven city which the Sons of the Titans were building. They were overjoyed to hear that the Dwarves were increasing the protection of the Alliance by establishing a colony outside the borders of the Iron Forge. They were tricked to believe that the Dwarves caught a Forsaken who told them of an attack on the Stormwind. The Dwarves said the towers outside their base were a temporary security measure.


The towers which encircled Stormwind would ensure no Humans strayed from the slaughter. The towers were made of the hardest metal the Dwarves could forge. They were ominous pillars of solid metal. Stormwind was kneeling at the feet of these guardians and the towers were being stocked with the most skilled priests of the Holy Light in order to cast Divine Shield on the Dwarves outside encircling the fortress. With this invincibility they would make short work of any would be escapees.

Boldrish Ancientforger ordered the attack at night and psyched up his men for the attack. He figured the Humans would be ill-prepared for the betrayal. The highest ranking officers lined up parallel to each other. Boldrish Ancientforger ran the gauntlet and told them to down the kegs of whisky on their belts to give them battle fury. Their plan was too simple and under-handed for an explanation to the officers. They walked into the walled fortress by ramps from their towers.

Boldrish Ancientforger consulted the Holy Light for its blessings. The sacred book he carried with him was his own personal sanctuary. All the impending violence seemed to fade away as he read the good words of the Holy Light book. It said that sometimes violence was necessary for a greater good. His arrogance arbitrarily found him self to be this "greater good". Perhaps, he chuckled, the greatest good.


A guard almost alerted the city to the attack but was stopped. With his racial ability of Human Perception, he saw the train of stout figures faintly glowing with Devotion Aura. He was poised to yell for help when a hammer was lugged out and rocketed to his chest. He was knocked to the ground. With gasps of breath he looked at the beautiful moon above. The moonlit sky was covered by figures shrouded in darkness. The darkened figures were all around and hammered his soft body into the crevices of the masonry.

The massacre was lopsided. Only 50 Dwarves died while 3,000 Humans were killed. All the heavy sleepers were dishonorably killed with a single blow to the head as they slept. Some brave Human guards offered resistance as they were pounded to death by a gang of ten Dwarves. The guards' hands could barely hold their blades, because of shock. They couldn't believe that such a betrayal of trust occurred. The emissary was also killed by Boldrish Ancientforger.


The emissary was full of different emotions before he charged Boldrish Ancientforger. How could Boldrish Ancientforger have callously deceived him this whole time? He was equally as shocked as afraid because he knew that he would die, but he tried hard not to show it. The betrayer would not have that pleasure. With braveness of a soul with nothing left to loose, he charged the betrayer.

The Humans who escaped Stormwind Castle met the same fate as those inside. As they ran for their lives, the invincible spheres of Holy Light's Divine Shield were on their tail. These Dwarves could see their victims clearly by the eminence of the Holy Light which protected them. They dogged their victims for hours until their hammers found their mark.

If Only for the Sake of JusticeEdit

Some of the Humans escaped and vowed vengeance. By chance a few guards were alerted in time. The guards, the commanding officers, and the Archmagi were teleported to Teldrassil. All those who had witnessed the event vowed vengeance on the Dwarves and their leader. They believed that in the name of justice the whole lot of them must meet the same end as their comrades. They proclaimed, “Holy Light give our people strength in this time of adversity. We seek justice for our people.‿

Boldrish SW

Boldrish is looking out from Stormwind.


Boldrish is looking out from Stormwind in the morning to reflect upon his accomplishments.

By the morning sun, Boldrish Ancientforger looked out from the peak of Stormwind Castle's many towers and reflected on his accomplishments and his future. He thanked the Holy Light for siding with his forces. To him, his victory reaffirmed the fact that the Dwarves walked in the path of the Holy Light. He had tortured many Humans that night, because his perfect sense of justice commanded it. Many would have to pay for what the Humans of the past had done. They deserved it. In the Second War, they sent the Dwarves to the front lines of battle to fight for a kingdom that was not theirs. His father made sure he knew about this part of Dwarven history. This made him think of his father. "He was a good fellow as manly as any ever were," he reminisced. He would be a great father to the many Dwarves of the Sons of the Titans; he would beat them senseless.

Boldrish tortured the aristocratic captives the most in the name of justice. "Your ancestors sent my kind into battles you knew they would lose. Your ancestors were kings and lords who used the Dwarf as a meat shield. Now it is your turn to pay," he commanded in a calm tone which held back much anger. With a detached tone, he waved the signal to start the torture. Their fragile bodies were pounded precisely to maximize their suffering as they lay strapped to the ground. To the pounders, it was like pounding out metal. There was no tear shed for the victims.

The DroughtEdit

Beer mug

After a few weeks stationed at the fortress, the Sons of the Titans became dry, causing Boldrish Ancientforger to devise a plan for alternative sources of alcohal. The Ironforge had all of the breweries for the Dwarves and the king of Ironforge broke relations with the Sons of the Titans. Without the alcohol, they were powerless. "A sober Dwarf is a sissy Nancy boy," he had long thought, so they needed alcohol to fight. Boldrish Ancientforger sent out an expedition of his troops while some of the guards at the home-front started fermenting the grain from the store houses of Stormwind.

Since the Forsaken were no longer being attacked by Boldrish Ancientforger, they sent out scouts to determine why. The clever Dreadlord Varimathras did not dare waste any of the Forsaken's abominations, so he sent out a pack of ghouls, wraiths and new recruits. By the vision of an invisible wraith, they saw that Stormwind now was housing a band of Dwarves and they saw Boldrish Ancientforger. In an inaudible shriek, the wraith breezed back to the Undercity.


As Varimathras contemplated in the heart of the Undercity, he laid out what he knew and devised a plan. He knew that there were Humans in Stormwind before. He knew they had towers which could detect wraiths before. None of these were there any longer. Could it be a coup? Just the thought of such treachery made him grin. "Oh what brilliance," he thought, "the Alliance is ours for the taking." He was not foolish. He could be wrong. The Forsaken had the upper hand now. It was no time make hasty moves. It was his time to not just be king of the Forsaken, but king of Azeroth. He must not let the Orcs, Trolls or Tauren know. His world was a closed one; there existed in it only him and those he would manipulate for his advantage. They would not impede his rise to absolute power.

When Boldrish Ancientforger saw the small band of Forsaken coming to attack the fortress, he was thrilled. First he laughed with a deep guttural laugh as he crossed his arms. "Do they really think they can defeat us?" he asked his commanders in a dryness that showed his arrogance. "Open the gates, these traitors of the Holy Light are mine," he ordered.

In ripping the dead apart there was not as much enjoyment as reminding them of their place. The shattering bones splintered in mid air as strike after strike dismembered the corpses. His eyes squinted and teeth gleamed, showing his sadistic nature. He toyed with the last victim as it was his habit. Under his metal boot, the Undead was clawing in vain to tear apart the face of Boldrish Ancientforger. Boldrish Ancientforger drew out his speech as if he wanted it to last for eternity. In a mellow drawl, he stated, "Your futile effort was insulting. We are the descendants of Titans." "I bet you didn't know that?" Boldrish Ancientforger questioned abruptly as if to provoke a response. "Divinity has come," Boldrish Ancientforger spoke as if in a sudden revelation. "I hate looking at you. There is no place for ugly non-Dwarven races," he said in disgust. He ground the face of the Forsaken with the head of his hammer, indenting it into the soil. With a smug grin, he walked back to base.


The answer to Boldrish Ancientforger's statements came from deep within the Undercity. " it is you, puny Dwarf who will know your place," Varimathras replied in a terrifying voice. Drawing out his breath, Varimathras warned, "Never play with the Nathrezim-- boy. You have played right into my trap. We now know the Dwarves are alone." "Let the invasion commence!" he said in a burst of exhilaration which shook the foundations of the Undercity.

Meanwhile the Dwarven expedition had found a trader in alcohol and was settling a price. Apparently something that looked like Furbolg was in the business of alcohol. "Oh what price should we settle with?"Kunal Plushybottoms negotiated. The Pandaren wore a big friendly smile plastered across his face. "How about this? The deal will be fifty gold on the barrel and I'm going to throw in an extra special brew." The Dwarven expedition was desperate, so they accepted the prices. "Thank you," Kunal Plushybottoms said with an air of accomplishment.

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