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General information and backgroundEdit

Ronae the thunder ax

Ronae the Thunder Ax


Name: Ronae (which--by irony--means 'peace' in Thalassian)

Nick: the Thunder Ax

Title: Exiled One

Race: Draenei Eredar

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Occupation: Apprentice Jewelcrafter


Ronae's family has been slain long ago by the Burning Legion. After the crash of Exodar, she has been wandering all over Azeroth to find her own asylum, with no success so far.


Not much is known about Ronae. Once she was cheerful and full of joy, but ever since death of her family, she became silent and elusive. She bears enormous hatred towards servants of Burning Legion. Once she has learned about Azeroth's history, she sympathized Night Elves for their loss ten thousand years ago, and became most attached do the elven society.

Former shaman distrusts races other than elves and draenei, well aware of their arrogance and ego.

She studied the ways of nature for many years, yet she was always needed as foot soldier when time came to protect her people. With high skill in axes and her link with elements, she became known as the Thunder Ax, for when demons came, she was fighting them with all fury the draenei could have known. Few of her own people feared her because of it, foreseeing that one day it may lead her to demise, yet she didn't care for it.

However. When the Legion slaughtered her family, fury overwhelmed her. Causing great thunderstorm forever remembered by those close to her, she had slain all those that stood on her way to avenge her lost family -- be it demons or other draenei. It took the Prophet Velen to stop her, but not before slaughtering several of her own kindred, not counting countless demonic servants.

For this action she was disciplined and punished. Her link to elemental planes was to be suppressed by the Prophet, and she was to be exiled from Exodar.

Military and Criminal Record at SI:7Edit

- Has fought many battles against the Burning Legion in defense of her people;

- Overtaken by fury and hatred she had slain several of her own people on battlefield with no regard whatsoever, caring only for vengeance;

- Exiled from Exodar;

Current occupation and traitsEdit

Recent activityEdit

With her elemental powers suppressed by Prophet Velen, Ronae now ventures across Azeroth in search for asylum--and way to strenghten her link with elements, despite Velen's clear warning (Should she ever try to force elements against her own people again, she shall be hunted down).

Traveling mostly in western Kalimdor, Ronae familiarizes herself with the wilderness. Sometimes she ventures east across the Great Sea, to human city of Stormwind to fill her curiosity about other races she so much distrusts.

Also, she has much interest in Azeroth's minerals, and enjoys making jewelery out of it.

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