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This article is a player character biography page for Ceo of The Sha'tar Europe created by TomIgnatius. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Tel'Dorei family is fictional family of TomIgnatius' (though it may change) characters on The Sha'tar European realm. The members of family are:

  • IconSmall Druid Ignatius, druid, grand restorer
  • IconSmall Hunter Ignafir, missing hunter
  • IconSmall Warlock Artnar, adopted human child, now so-be-evil warlock
  • IconSmall Warrior Ceonadore, warrior, also known as Huntress of Dead
  • IconSmall Deathknight(IconSmall Priest) Ceo, fallen priestess
  • IconSmall Deathknight(IconSmall Rogue) Rioa, fallen assasin
NeutralNPC 32Ceo Tel'dorei
Title <Forgotten One>
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Location Unknown

Lore and HistoryEdit


Ceo, unlike her sister Ceonadore, had rather peaceful life. From the very beginning she devoted her life to the goddess Elune.

// Yet to be written.



"I once have belonged to a race that was immortal -- though we gave that immortality to save the world. I consider my past life a well played one. I've been helping all those that needed guidance, and to the very end of my life I have not rejected any plea for help.

Even when I discovered what my dear sister has been doing all the time she was not home, I did not disgrace her. I was willing to lead her to the right path, as I believed that death is not a proper justice. But there was a day, when I doubted that. She came to me, asked for help. It was not typical mission she usually carried out -- this one was a vengeance. But not any vengeance - that was her personal hatred, as her master had fallen a victim of another assassin. I agreed to help her find those behind the murder in thought that I could not let anyone harm Rioa, even if she was willing to harm others. I told myself that once we could get them, I would justify them myself in the proper way. Unfortunately, we didn't live that long. We were ambushed, and our foes were merciless. Our death was not a swift one. As our bodies could not last the pain and our life faded away, the eternal darkness came."

New UnlifeEdit

"Impossible became real. I awoke, just like from a bad dream. Only with exception that it was not a dream. I could remember the pain I've went trough – but I could not remember why. My memory was clear, as wiped out. I found myself in fast dug and not deep grave. My body was full of wounds that were – as I was staring at them – healing themselves. I raised a bit, and I've seen a man. My vision was unclear, first I thought it might have been a paladin, or priest that redeemed me from oblivion. I wished to thank the one, but then it came to me. My vision became as sharp as never before. I recognized that man instantly after that, as it was a host of Ner'zhul, prince Arthas himself. In the same instant, I have felt my body moving against my will. I soon realized, that I have been raised as a puppet to do master's bidding. I could hear the Lich King's voice in my head, but it was a distant one. I have been mind-manipulated before, yet that seemed to be different.

I've been brought to Acherus, a necropolis that surpassed in power even the mighty Naxxramas. There I was forced to do what the King willed us to do. A fully established Scarlet Crusade town, leveled with ground in a matter of hours. Hundreds of people died, although we were so few.

And the voices... all the time I have heard voices. Those were even louder than Lich King's himself. I learned that mind of death knight remains in touch with others – but those were not theirs. Still, the language they spoke was unknown to me. They were full of agony... and of joy at the same time. Was those voices of those I have so brutally slain in my service for Lich King?

Time passed... an hours for me seemed like a days. Slaying innocents was a great pain for me to bear. There was only one place to slaughter left - The Light's Hope Chapel. But there, we were betrayed – if a puppets can be betrayed. It was him that he was after, so called Highlord Tirion Fordring. The vengeance came quickly. The fact that Arthas was forced to retread satisfied me enough. After those events we reclaimed ... ourselves. Or, we were just told so. Our unlives could not be undone. We were now doomed, to be who we are, who we despite, for all the eternity.

Those of us who did not flee with Arthas were now Knights of the Ebon Blade - an order of renegade death knights. However, I did not feel like one. The voices... all the time I've been hearing those voices... and now, after we are who we are for ourselves, not for Lich King, the voices became so clear that I slowly could understand them. They spoke of Elune, our goddess. According to them, I've been brought back from death for purpose not predicted even by Lich King. Although they spoke plainly, the meaning of their words was far more complicated. They were trying to encourage me to seek the secrets long forgotten. I did not thrust them, but what other choice I had? It's better to seek my purpose rather than sit idly and do nothing.

Lost in ghostly realmEdit

I went south. I've been traveling trough lands unknown to me... but yet something was telling me that I knew them very well, I just could not remember. As I traveled, I felt myself getting weaker and weaker. And this was not because of food. It was like something was trying to pull me back somewhere to place I had not known. And I could not help it. In the end, I was too weak to walk any more. I collapsed and lied flat on the ground, waiting most likely for unpredicted death. And it was then... the world around me faded, and displaced. It was like the ghost realm, yet nothing like it. And the voices... screaming spirits, full of agony. I felt my strength returning to me. I got up and looked at myself. For my surprise, I was not a ghost – or, at least, I did not look like one. Whatever I was, I was alone. My strength was now fully restored, but I did not knew how to use it, as for I was in the dimension I knew nothing about. It was few hours since I 'faded'. I discovered that this dimension was almost perfect image of normal world, with exception of small details. Everything was displaced, or at least my vision did not allow me to see clearly. Some places however had very noticeable difference, for example, where you would normally walk onto a wall, here would be a hidden passage. But there was an obstacle. I could not interfere with environment. It was material, and I was not.

I was expecting that at some point the voices I've been hearing for so long time would now come and guide me trough this forsaken by gods dimension. Yet nothing came -- even in my head there was a silence that I have never experienced before. What was it that I have became? Was that the final oblivion of every last soul? As I looked deeper, I discovered that my statement was close, but yet far from it. After some time I've encountered restless spirits, that have died out but could not be released for whatever reason. They have not been talkative – they in fact seemed to cower from me. It would seem that every moment there were more questions than answers. I traveled further to the south, until I have reached what would be the bridge connecting Lordaeron with the rest of Eastern Kingdoms. As I walked on it's western path I had the strange feeling about something not being right. My subconsciousness was telling me that if I travel west of here, I would find answers I desired.

I reached some sort of port village. It was empty – or at least I could not see anyone in this realm. I could however see the effect of their potential doing. A ships floating on water as if by themselves. I stepped on board of one of these, hoping they would lead me to the place I needed to go. While this travel only thing besides the ship I could see was water. It was everywhere around, yet it seemed strangely thin. When we arrived to oddly familiar to me village I tested it out. I stepped slowly to the liquid... there was no resistance. It behaved as if it was pure air. Logically thinking it would make sense – water is a material, that has its weight and consistence. I was merely a... something... with no material manifestation that water could not put its resistance on. I quickly remembered why am I here. I 'took' another boat, that led me to a lone island, that I could now recognize as Teldrassil, homeland of Night Elves. I could see a wisps here, I had a feeling they were watching me as well. And then at last long awaited help had come. Without any speech they guided me trough their beautiful city of Darnassus to the Temple of the Moon, where I've been awaited. Finally, I could ask questions instead of getting them. As for here was a spirit that did not cower from me."

// Yet to be written.

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