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This article is a player character biography page for Ceo of The Sha'tar Europe created by TomIgnatius. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Tel'Dorei family is fictional family of TomIgnatius' (though it may change) characters on The Sha'tar European realm. The members of family are:

  • IconSmall Druid Ignatius, druid, grand restorer
  • IconSmall Hunter Ignafir, missing hunter
  • IconSmall Warlock Artnar, adopted human child, now so-be-evil warlock
  • IconSmall Warrior Ceonadore, warrior, also known as Huntress of Dead
  • IconSmall Deathknight(IconSmall Priest) Ceo, fallen priestess
  • IconSmall Deathknight(IconSmall Rogue) Rioa, fallen assasin
NeutralNPC 32Artnar Rakkan Teldorei
Title <The Lifedrinker>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level Unknown
Location Unknown

Lore and HistoryEdit



Artnar's life has been totally destroyed the very years after he was born. He was a member of noble family living in Stratholme, name remains unknown. When Artnar was about three years old, Stratholme became target of mysterious plague spreading trough Lordaeron. The very same day the prince Arthas Menethil has came. Seeing the citizens already infected with plagued grain he ordered the city purged. House of Artnar was the last to be destroyed. While Arthas was confronted by the Dreadlord Mal'Ganis, his parents managed to make him run. They succeeded, but young child was the only one to survive. When Artnar made it to the gate he hid. A day after he was found and rescued by traveling elves. He was given to a willing family of Tel'Dorei for adoption, where he would peacefully grow up in Ashenvale Forest.


Although he was young, memories of seeing his parents slaughtered by the dreadlord and prince Arthas remained in his head like a carving in the stone. He was thirsty of a vengeance. That was then, when he wanted to become a hero. He asked his sisters and brother for an aid. Ceo could teach him the ways of light, where he could aid friends and resurrect dead back to life. On the other hand Ceonadore could teach him the way of sword and art of arms, where he could fight his way trough even most rough situations. Ignatius could teach him the way of balance of nature, where he could ask forces of nature to ask his bidding. For Artnar none of those were the ways he would eventually chose. He wanted to strike at Arthas with all his anger and make him pay greatly in pain. This was the time he began studying dark ways of shadow magic, a way the warlocks could call an Affliction.

His elven family was not happy about his way. They gave him a choice: To change his way, or either go away. Artnar could not abandon what he once chose. Shortly after that he got expelled from elven homeland. A young warlock traveled to his own homeland, to the city of Stormwind.

Chril the EredarEdit

Many years have passed, seven to be more precise. Artnar was a teenager now, and he grew in power each time he learned new possible ways available for summoner. One day, Artnar had enough of the theory, he wanted more than just a books. He practiced alone many times, but he hadn't done anything special. Artnar ventured north of place where he studied, to the Lordaeron. He stopped at The Ruins of Dalaran, where the air was filled with magic of all kind - useful as another source of power... of course assuming if you know how to use it, because any wrong spell can cause the place to blow up (however it has now been secured by the mages). Young warlock obtained new goal: to summon creature powerful enough to bring Arthas down, but having weak will that would be easy to control. So he began. Artnar first began by securing his "work place" - he might be young, but he was not that fool. He brought few artifacts that would protect him in case of any failure during the summoning process. Warlock was perfectly channeling the power into the Summoning Circle, nothing bad was about to happen, but suddenly the whole process became unstable. A lot of energy channeled into the Circle couldn't fit into the portal any more and exploded. Fortunately the explosion warped into other dimension, leaving only invisible warp-hole leading into nowhere. Short after the anomaly has been created, a female Eredar came out of the portal. Artnar, blinded by his thirst of power, tried to use the advantage of demon's disorientation and cast Enslavement spell. Demon resisted it, and struck back. Warlock couldn't fight this battle, so he banished her out of the phase... but the instability of the summoning process caused demon to deport (teleport away). Artnar, greatly weakened, fled in terror from the ruins of Dalaran. When he calmed down, he discovered that he ran far away, to the place where everything has began - Stratholme City.

Onwards to WinterspringEdit

After the summoning incident, Artnar decided to leave Eastern Kingdom once more. He learned, that true victory cannot be achieved trough any other being than yourself. He decided to seek power that he can wield by himself. His new destination was the Mount Hyjal, where Archimonde's corpse remained after the great victory of mortals in quest to defend the Tree of Life. On his way there, Artnar dropped to visit his elven family that took care of him after the tragedy of Stratholme. For the four years many things has changed. The eldest son of Tel'Dorei - Ignatius - has gone seeking new adventures in Outland. His sisters were now grown up, with more serious point of view to the world. Ignafir - the youngest one - has gone missing for some time now. That was not good. After that, Artnar could notice that Ceo, who was always happy, now has turned sad, and she walked more into path of shadow. Ceonadore on the other hand, once patient master of any weapon, has lost her balance now and gone furious. Artnar found himself somehow guilty for this all, he should never left them, things could be different if he'd stay. But what happened could not be undone. He had to leave once more, but this time not only to seek power alone - he also hoped to find Ignafir and take him safely home. His destination did not change. Young warlock traveled North, to Felwood. This forest has been corrupted by demons - satyrs. Maybe he could force demons to aid him... anyway, he had to hurry. No one really knew what could be happening to Ignafir in meantime. Young warlock took supplies of food and water from the camp in southern Felwood and continued his search. His journey was somehow easy and swift, until he reached northern part of the land. Artnar could feel the smell of pretty powerful demonic magic to the east of his position, in the direction of Winterspring. When he reached Timbermaw Hold, local furbolgs welcomed him greatly - apparently his elven sisters must have been here and told about him. They taught him few things of his profession before he took further supplies and left. Young warlock was glad for new patterns of tailoring he received, because he could craft new, warm clothes when he experienced the Winterspring cold environment.

Great Blue DragonEdit

Since his very arrival to Winterspring, Artnar could sense great power watching his every step all the time. He headed east, to the Overlook, Goblin’s city. Even by following road it took him several hours to get there because of cold and snow. He was not used to that kind of environment, but he found out that cold is pleasant to him. Weather was somehow merciful, or maybe the clothes were warm enough. Young warlock began his search immediately after arrival, although he was extremely exhausted. Asking locals for any sign of kidnapped elf was pointless – no one knew anything. However, the answer for his question about demons in area was intriguing. It would seem that Winterspring’s balance has been disturbed by two demonic presences – first, small enough to indicate single demon, lied in south-western part of the land; second however was much greater, probably whole army of demons, that lied to the north of Overlook. Artnar was asked to check it out and given a warning to be careful, as no one ever came back once gone investigating. Due to current traffic in Overlook caused by hunting season, no spare room was available for Artnar, so he was forced to sleep outside. Warlock found good and safe place to the south-east of Overlook. He had many dreams that night, but suddenly everything changed, and vision of a Great Dragon appeared in his mind, calling him forth to the caves, west of his current position. Artnar was mistrustful to those kind of vision, but whatever it was, it was worth checking out.

When Artnar woke up next morning he packed quickly and moved out in given by the dragon direction. After hour or so, he arrived to the valley full of dragonkins, which was surely correct way. Most of the whelps flew away on his sight, few just ignored him, but one, interested by the unknown creature, closed to Artnar and peered at him deeply. Artnar may mistrust humans, but not other animals, especially dragons. He realizes that unprovoked they won’t attack – little whelp apparently felt same way about him. Little dragon followed Artnar as he continued his journey to the cave he’s seen in his vision, where the Great One was supposed to meet him. Warlock found big hole in the wall few yards from his current position, which was surely the entrance. After few minutes of careful stepping in semi-darkness he found himself in large room, within witch he stood before huge dragon. Malygos was his name.

// To do. //

Since then, Artnar has not been seen the same.

Present Edit

// To do. //

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