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AllianceNPC 32Jeremias Auromere
Title <Commander of the Knights of Dusk; Knight of the Silver Hand>
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 37
Position Paladin
Location Stormwind City, when not questing
Relative(s) Ezekias Auromere, father; Allisara Auromere, sister; Serrithia Weaver Auromere, wife

Jeremias was born in the family home in Lordaeron, the son of Baronet Ezekias and Melerra Auromere. For the first eleven years of his life, Jeremias and his sister Allisara were raised by their sickly mother; Ezekias spent most of his time in taverns and brothels. Melerra passed away when Jeremias was eleven; the family's fortune was exhausted three months later by Ezekias' carousing.

Then came the destruction of Lordaeron, and the family fled to parts south. Allisara went to Stormwind to train as a mage; Jeremias was left to his own devices by his wastrel father. Just as Jeremias was about to start begging on the dusty streets of Southshore, Andrew Weaver, a retired mage of Dalaran, happened by and took pity on the boy. Jeremias was made part of the mage's family, which by then had reduced to Andrew and his daughter, Serrithia--who just happened to be Jeremias' age. Jeremias immediately developed a powerful affection for Serrithia, which in time she came to return.

Over the next six years, Jeremias began to study under Andrew's instruction. He had no talent with arcane magics, but showed a strong piety that led him to seek employment with the Church of the Holy Light. His idea that he was suited for the priesthood was dashed when he got in a fist-fight with two other young acolytes, which resulted in said acolytes needing medical treatment. He was then directed to train as a paladin, and advised to pursue the path of Retribution.

At eighteen, he was named a paladin, and sent out into the world. Not long afterward, he was inducted into the order of the Knights of Dusk, where he quickly rose to the rank of commander.

Within a week of joining the Knights of Dusk, he was embroiled in a conflict between one of his commanders and a member of a rival organization. Later, he found that rival involved in a battle with an orc who had invaded Stormwind; Jeremias, although sorely outmatched, remained on the scene to heal the rival. The orc, naturally, did not appreciate this, and hit Jeremias in the face with her spiked club. This left Jeremias with three scars running across his right cheek.

On October 11, Jeremias and Serrithia were married.

Current AchievementsEdit

Jeremias has single-handedly penetrated to the courtyard of Shadowfang Keep without dying (at level 24).

He currently has over 100 kills to his name on the field of Warsong Gulch (all earned when he was at level 21).

Jeremias laid Mor'Ladim to rest in single combat (at level 29).

He slew Morbent Fel in single combat (at level 32).

He has learned to craft Iron Counterweight, Iron Shield Spike, and Green Iron Hauberk.


Jeremias' surname, Auromere, means "Dawn's Mirror." It refers to the lake by which the family's manor house stood, which would catch and reflect the first light of morning. Jeremias is determined that it will also refer to the family's honor and moral character: a reflection of the Holy Light. He feels a strong responsibility to restore the family's reputation.

Jeremias does not drink, smoke, use fadeleaf or deviate delight, or wench. He fears to become what his father is: a public nuisance and a shame to his children. This clean-living attitude of his endears him to women of many races, as do the manners he learned in the court of Lordaeron.

He also does not dance.

Jeremias is well liked and, despite his young age, respected among his brethren of the Knights of Dusk. Some of them have actively sought him out and confided in him about their problems. He is very adept at handling conflicts within the order. His reputation as a peacemaker and truthseeker has also incited people not of his order to come to him about issues they have with his brothers and sisters.

He is a certifiable genius. His memory for facts and details and his ability to research proficiently make him extremely useful in delving into mysteries and rooting out the truth.

He is one of the very rare theistic human believers in the Holy Light. He is convinced of a sapient personality behind the power on which he draws, because, as he says, "It takes much more faith to believe in things just randomly coming together so neatly and perfectly, than to believe that Someone is making it happen." (And indeed, extremely unlikely events seem to happen around him.) He spends a fair amount of time in prayer and devotion, and occasionally may be heard to refer to "the Highest."

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