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A Description of Tippor Edit

Name: Tippor (Tip-Er) Race: Night Elf Age: 165

Home Server: Server:Sisters of Elune

Class: Druid, Feral

Professions: Skinning and Herbalism

Mental Description:

Tippor is usually seen as quiet and reserved, keeping a safe distance to take in all of her surroundings. She can usually be very sarcastic or cynical and has a certain aura of bitterness surrounding her. Spending many of her impressionable years on Azeroth in the Dwarven City of Ironforge, she learned much of her attitude from the well as her drinking prowess. She spends many long nights in local taverns.

Physical Description:

Tippor stands 6'4", short by Night Elf standards, with a a slight purplish tone to her skin. She has long, well kept, dark green hair, with large, jagged green markings over both eyes. If she's seen outside of a tavern, she's usually seen as a medium sized black feline with moon shaped markings on her shoulders. Sometimes she likes to nap, or even just fool the other patrons of her favorite tavern by sleeping or lying motionless on the fireplace hearth.

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