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This article is a player character biography page The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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This is the story, not only of my character Daladun, but of the roleplaying server the Defias Brotherhood, EU. The events described here are mostly true roleplaying events that took place on that server, and all characters mentioned here can still be found playing there. Sin Belore, the blood elf guild, is still active to this day.

The BeginningEdit

Daladun Hawkspear was the high elven Archon of the Quel'Argarath, a faction prominent within Quel'Thalas. As Archon, he was the lord of the priests, and served under High Councillor Thasin Ont'selu. He was also the nephew of Ranger Lord Hawkspear. He fought during the Second War as a captain of a swordsman division, and has a deep rooted hatred of the Horde. After the war, he began walking the path of the Holy Light, and was tutored by Tanilias Starseeker, a member of the Convocation of Silvermoon. He learned quickly, and rose to become the Archon only after the Third War. Once Silvermoon had been rebuilt, Daladun returned home and took up his new mantle within the city. As Archon, he was responsible for ending several feuds between the blood elven factions. The Quel'Sin was poised against the Quel'Argarath, but Daladun made contact with the High Commander Aelow and did away with all hostilities caused by misunderstandings. Unfortunately, Tanilias Starseeker was forced to leave Quel'Thalas on a diplomatic mission to Dalaran and Theramore. Without his mentor, Daladun was vulnerable to the whisperings of the more fanatical among the blood elves. Archsorceror Xellos Des'vana slowly seeded doubts into Daladun's mind, breaking him and sending him down the path of the Sin'dorei. Daladun became a blood elf in full, and bore the crimson garb of his kind with pride.

The Sunfury CovenantEdit

With the passage of time, new alliances were forged. The blood elven factions of Silvermoon banded together under the political leadership of the Quel'Argarath, and formed one single political and military union; the Sunfury Covenant. Declared within the Sunfury Spire, the Covenant rose to become the dominant blood elven body in all of Quel'Thalas. Only a few guilds did not pledge themselves to the Covenant, among them Aelow's Quel'Sin. The Covenant was primarily forged of the Quel'Argarath under Thasin, Xellos and Daladun, with several other guilds such as Consul Hathlaer's High Order and Lord Kullnar's Sin Belore. However, there was political tension. Hathlaer had revealed that he served an unknown set of masters, known only as the Benefactors. Daladun Hawkspear, jealous of the power Hathlaer commanded, used his position within the Sunfury Covenant's inner circle to set events in motion. He interrogated two of Hathlaer's confidants, Talassi and Vhay. They both agreed to work with him in undermining the Consul. Next, Daladun turned his eyes to the Sin Belore. After a Sunfury victory against the night elves of Ashenvale, Daladun took Kullnar and Dothan aside and convinced them to work with him against Hathlaer. Aerandir, Hathlaer's right hand, was in turn swayed in the procceedings. Ultimately, Hathlaer was left surrounded. Talassi and Aerandir confronted him, poisoned him and interrogated him. Hathlaer was stripped of his title, and Talassi elected as the new Consul of the High Order.

Daladun had succeeded in overthrowing one of the lords of the Covenant. Vhay had nicknamed him 'Shadowmind' for his dark dealigs and plotting. Despite all that had transpired, Daladun was still troubled and doubtful, his virtuous past haunting him. In his heart, he was not sure if the selfish path he was taking was truly the right one. He was a Shadow Priest now, twisted and cruel. Still, he found light enough in his heart to befriend Vhay, and the two of them often saved eachother from their enemies outside of Quel'Thalas.

Yet, the time had come when Tanilias Starseeker, his old mentor, was to return. Daladun gazed out to sea one afternoon, only to hear a familiar voice behind him. He turned to see Tanilias himself confronting him. Tanilias was shocked at the transformation his old student had undergone. He had left Daladun as the benelovent Archon of the Quel'Argarath, only to return to find him as one of the political masterminds of the Sunfury Covenant. In turn, Daladun was spiteful of Tanilias for leaving him alone amongst enemies in Quel'Thalas. Xellos Des'vana had changed his views utterly and entirely. In the end, Tanilias managed to reach out to a lighter part of Daladun's heart, and they stood together once again. Redeemed, Daladun set about on his old quest, to attempt to stop the blood elven descent into evil magics, and ultimately, to see that Silvermoon would rejoin the Alliance. As an Alliance supporter, Daladun was looked down upon by the likes of Xellos. However, he had enough influence in the Sunfury Covenant to influence matters in his favour. Dothan, the Speaker of the Covenant, heeded his words and prevented Xellos from initiating a genocidal rampage against the remaining high elves of Quel'Lithien and Quel'Danil. Tanilias also chose to seek for more similar minded individuals, who were also true to the Alliance.

The FallEdit

As all empires have their golden ages, so too do they have their declines. Time was the Sunfury Covenant's greatest enemy. The blood elven guilds began to return to minding their own affairs, and the grand meetings in the Sunfury Spire happened less and less frequently. It was in this time of weakness that Xellos Des'vana chose to utilize his ambitions. As Archsorceror of the Quel'Argarath, he commanded many of its caste. Seeing opporunity arise, Xellos betrayed the High Councillor Thasin Ont'selu and disbanded the entire Quel'Argarath. With his traitor caste, Xellos pledged himself to Lord Kullnar and the Sin Belore. Devastated, Daladun did his best to help Thasin salvage the old faction. Without the Quel'Argarath, Sin Belore, in effect, became the Sunfury Covenant. Without many political bodies to steer it, the Covenant had only Sin Belore to manage it. Thus did it fade away, leaving only the conglomerate Sin Belore to unofficially reign over Silvermoon. Only Lor'themar Theron had more influence in those dark days than Lord Kullnar and Xellos Des'vana. Daladun and Tanilias could do little to stop the tide of war that had come with Xellos rising to power. He destroyed all remaining diplomatic relations with the Alliance, and set off to slaughter the high elves who remained. After a long and tiring campaign, news finally reached Quel'Thalas that their beloved Sun King was coming home. This news pleased Xellos greatly, for the Sunfury Covenant had existed to glorfiy his name and protect the kingdom. However, when Kael'thas arrived, things were different. The wretched, frenzied Sun King instead turned on Silvermoon, and hurried to Quel'Danas to summon Kil'jaeden. After so much conflict, Daladun and Tanilias had been proved right. The blood elven ways had led Kael'thas into madness. Ther nation was plunged into civil war. With the help of Aelir of Caer Darrow and the Shattered Sun Offensive, Daladun and Tanilias set off to end the madness once and for all. What they did not expect, however, was for the Sunfury Covenant to align itself with Kael'thas. Xellos Des'vana led his dissident Sunfuries to Quel'Danas, to fight and die against the enemies of Kil'Jaeden. At the zenith of his power, Xellos seemed unstoppable. Nonetheless, Tanilias Starseeker confronted him on the field of battle, and defeated him. With Xellos dead, the Sunfury Covenant's traitorous remnants were purged, and the Shattered Sun Offensive could prepare for its final strike agaisnt Kael'thas and Kil'jaeden...

The PresentEdit

Ever since the Battle at Quel'Danas, Daladun Hawkspear has sought to take to a life of philosophy and contemplation rather than politics and war. His days as the 'Shadowmind' of the Sunfury Covenant were long since over. With comrades in arms such as Vhay and Tanilias, he could look to a brighter future at last. To this day he roams Silvermoon, disguised, lamenting the days long past.

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