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Zone Info is an idea for a mod that will provide you with information about each zone you enter. It will provide you with the name, level range for that zone, which instances are there (with level range and coords for them as well) and if your horde, it will tell you what your faction's town/s are there and the correct coords (Neutral towns for both).

Other ideas for later versions - Add a tooltip for when you scroll over zones in map to show level ranges, and towns and whatnot, just like in the WoW Interactive maps



  • 45% done, needed - Finish up towns and finish part of coding


  • Barrens Example (Not actual coords (As Horde))

Welcome to Barrens (Horde Territory). Levels 10-27
Instances: Wailing Caverns - Level 18-26 - Coord: 46,35.
Towns: (Horde) Crossroads - Coord: 50,40. (Neutral) Ratchet - Coord: 20,10

  • Darkshore Example (As Horde)

Welcome to Darkshore (Alliance Territory). Levels 10-20
Instances: None.
Towns: (Horde) None. (Neutral) None.

  • Darkshore Example (Not actual coords As Alliance)

Welcome to Darkshore (Alliance Territory). Levels 10-20
Instances: None.
Towns: (Alliance) Auberdine - Coords: 23,39. (Neutral) None.

Anyone with ideas, please drop a message in my Talk Page.

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