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This article is a player character biography page for Thorongoral of Moon Guard US created by Thorongoral. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Field Marshall Thorongoral Stonefist, The OathbinderEdit

IconSmall Dwarf MaleUi-charactercreate-classes paladin Thorongoral Stonefist (Deceased), The Oathbinder : Prospector and Soldier
"Ta dae is a good dae, ta die!"
AllianceNPC 32Thorongoral Stonefist
Title <Champion of Ironforge>
The Oathbinder, Stonemender of the Stonefist Clan
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Paladin
Health 29,789
Affiliation Alliance
Kingdom of Ironforge
Stonefist Clan
Explorers' Guild
Position Prospector, Soldier
Location Ironforge
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Unknown

Who is Thorongoral?Edit

Thorongoral was a fictional character found within the confines of the World of Warcraft. He was a member of the struggling Alliance Battlegroup US Emberstorm on the Moon Guard server. Was a active member of the Role-Playing community in Ironforge City.


Born and raised in the Badlands Region of Khaz Modan, Thor (as he is called by most) is a hearty and sturdy dwarf even by Dwarven Standards. His hair and beard are full and never shorn, yet usually highly decorated and well kept and is as red as the flames beneath Blackrock Mountain. He is often times very boisterous and enjoys pulling long and hard from freshly tapped kegs at the local taverns. On the battlefield his Battle Cry can often times be heard over the roar of death and destruction. A song taught to him by his father and his father's father. Though it is not well known, he was from Clan Stonefist,and one of the few remaining. During his younger years, he ventured into the service of The Argent Dawn and served as a Soldier and later a General in the Argent Army in the war against the Scourge. In Eastern Plaguelands his name is still heard today in tales of valor amongst the soldiers that are still stationed there. After his exploits in the Scourge Invasion, he then journeyed to Northrend to seek Brann Bronzebeard and serve in the Explorers' League as a prospector and an arms man, and later moved into Icecrown to battle Arthas' Legions. He has recently returned to his homeland in Ironforge in search of a new adventure. He has sworn his life to King Magni Bronzebeard and works as a self employed man-at-arms in the name of the King. In his later years, he returned to a life of Prospecting even starting his own prospecting company. He moved his operation to Westguard Keep, where it never flourished. He died peacefully of natural causes in Northrend. He was 388 years old. Many great soldiers and agents of the Alliance attended his funeral rites.


His exploits in his past are many, but of most notable worth, he defended Azeroth fiercely during the Scourge Invasion(see The Battle of Andorhal), Was present when the Dark Portal opened. Tangled in close combat with the Doom Lord Kazzak. On the Alliance front, in the battle against the horde, it is said that many of the Horde fell to his hand alone. In Northrend he battled with Arthas and his Legions.

When the Argent Tournament was announced, Thorongoral answered the call and bested all of the nations champions and earned the right to carry the banner for Ironforge and Exodar.

Given the field commission by the Argent Dawn of Field Marshall, for his ability to rally the troops in combat, even in the worst of combat situations. His fierce song can usually be heard by all and he has the talent for inspiring the soldiers around him.

For a brief time he served the Mountain Guard ((See "Joining The Guard")) but left their ranks soon after the Thane was trying to strip him of his battlefield commissions, he was quoted saying, "A good leader knows his Soldiers, that fool Thane Grungnir did not take the time to know me before he decided to refuse me my rights as a veteran of many wars. Perhaps it is time for him to see the err of his judgments. No one asks the mighty Thorongoral to bow. And that fool Ewen, HA! He is a self proclaimed conqueror who has nae conquered anything. I da nae fight aside the likes of fools who spend more time in front of a mirror, than they do a blade. I wish the lads well, but I am no fool. I know meh place in this world."


After mulling retirement from battle, this battle hardened dwarf broke ground on a new expeditionary force to scour the lands for minerals. Prospectors, Gem Cutters and miners, all veteran warriors as well as skilled craftmen, stationed out of Westguard Keep called "The Earthen Prospecting Company". A skilled and gifted prospector, Thorongoral lead this hardened crew through the most treacherous terrain turning the soil for profit. Though it never got off the ground enough to become profitable. He died just outside the the keep in a fierce battle with the giant Sind'orei Paladin Malvaisus Sunswift in single combat.

BattleSong Thorongoral

Singing his famous battle song, trying to rally Alliance troops outside of Ironforge

Personal GoalsEdit

Thorongoral is a fierce combatant and an avid supporter of the Alliance. He often times plans and leads charges into Horde strongholds in an attempt to thwart many of the Hordes plans to dominate the region. He is a sworn enemy to Thrall and feverishly has an open hatred for many of the more well known Horde Supporters such as Dreamskull of the Forsaken Empire and Dregg Goraxe from the Korkron Legion and most often times will be planning to thwart the plans of those organizations on a regular basis.

Battle Song of Clan StonefistEdit

"O'er the hills we march and ride",

"O'er the mountains o' Death we climb",

"Ride Stonefist ride!"

"Into the shadows without a fear",

"Hammers sing louder when death is near!",

"Ride Stonefist Ride!"

"The scourge may come to answer their call",

"But when we ride, many will fall",

"Ride Stonefist Ride!"

"The King has called us to sing our song",

"So we sing out our last breath all day long!",

"Ride Stonefist Ride!"

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