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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Joining The GuardEdit


The heralded tabard of The King's Own, Mountain Guard

His boots echoed as he made his way into the Hall of Explorers. Many of his inquiries led to this magnificent place that was erected in honor of Brann Bronzebeard and his many exploits in Northrend. A militant group of dwarves were commissioned by the high Thane himself to defend Ironforge from all enemies foreign and domestic. They called themselves the Mountain Guard. Sworn to uphold the Thane's laws and to personally see to his own safety. Odd to have only heard of them recently. His absence from Ironforge all of these years campaigning against Arthas and the Burning Legion separated him from the news of home for so long.

He could see the well armored Dwarf standing near a group of younger dwarves deep inside the confines of the hall. That had to be the Dwarf he was looking for. The descriptions matched. He quietly watched as the Dwarf spun tales to the younger dwarves about battles and exploits of the guard. After a time and some applause to the storyteller, the crowd dissipated and the Dwarf went back to his business with some papers on the large table in front of him. Thorongoral approached the table and the dwarf, careful to make enough ruckus to be easier noticed approaching. He had learned long ago to never approach another dwarf without being noticed first. It was customary to be announced before seeking an audience with someone of great importance in dwarven society, but all of his retainers were still nestled comfortable at Wintergarde Keep where he had left them to their lives as he sought a new front to do battle on.

The dwarf looked up from his papers with a slight grimace on his face. Thorongoral could not tell is it was worry, or annoyance that painted his face, so he carefully chose his words before speaking. "Master Ewen Forgeheart I presume?" Thorongoral asked in a polite, but to the point manner. The other Dwarf slowly nodded and his eyes went back to the papers he was reading. Thorongoral stepped forward formally and bowed slightly. "I am Field Marshall Thorongoral Stonefist." The Dwarfs eyes once again looked back at him as if to recognize the name in some forgotten story he had yet to tell. "I have come to petition to serve in your guard." The dwarf nodded slowly. "I am Ewen Forgeheart, you are correct. What makes you think you are worthy to join our cause?" he spoke in dwarven as he dismissively diverted his eyes back to his work. Standing up straight and certainly not used to being talked down to, Thorongoral simply replied. "I serve Thane Magni Bronzebeard now, and always will. So it seems our goals perhaps are already entwined." Ewen looked back to Thorongoral solemnly and nodded. "Perhaps you do. Many foolish kin make the same claim. Tell me, how can you serve the Guard, what makes you think you can serve the High Thane more-so than other Dwarf?"

Their discussion lasted for what seemed hours as they swapped tales of heroism and valor in battle. Grimaces turned to slight grins, grins to laughter and joy. It was obvious these two had seen the face of battle many times, and were both lucky to be well and alive enough to spin those tales. "Thorongoral Stonefist you say? of the Stonefist Clan you claim? I thought that Clan had disappeared long ago? Nonetheless, that is not what matters now is it? Come with me." Ewen led Thorongoral towards the stables where they gathered their Gryphons and flew north towards Northrend.

The flight was long and cold, as most flights are in the Northrend region. as they made their approach, Thorongoral's face grew grim. He had been here in this area many times before, beneath that looming shadow of Icecrown Citadel. Shouting over the beating of the Gryphons wings, Ewen pointed towards the ground. The sight below was breath taking. Armies of Scourge marching and drilling, preparing for their next assault on the world. Arthas and his minions were strong believers in preparation and were always working to find fresh bodies for new recruits. As they approached a landing, the Gryphons talons gripped the stone like clamps of death upon the rocky cliffs surface. The two slowly dismounted as they quietly watched the scene unfolding before them. The sounds of picks beating saronite veins and the sound of metal armor clinking and shields banging as preparations for war were made in mass before them.

Ewen looked over to Thorongoral to study his face before he spoke his next words. "Before you stands an endless army of Scourge. They prepare to march on the world again soon. Beyond them is The Desolation Gate. Go Thorongoral. Make a path through this foul army and meet me at the foot of the gates. Only then will I see you are worthy of joining the King's Own. Take heed my friend. Many have walked this path that I lay before you and failed. Tread carefully Thorongoral Stonefist. If this is truly your path, then you will succeed."

He had swung his weapon many times in his life. His judgments were known for being brutal to his enemies. The familiar smell of sweat and blood, mixed with the foul smell of scourge minions. Reminded him of his youth during the scourge invasions, and the great battle outside of Andorhal. Wading through death like a sloop through a canal, Thorongoral cleared a path of destruction towards the Desolation Gate, where he knew his fate awaited him. It would take more than a handful of Scourge to end his life. He was the Stonemender. He was the Oathbinder. The defender of Ironforge. The explorer and prospector of the Explorer's League. He was Thorongoral Stonefist. He must prevail. The light wills it.

The look upon Ewen's face was all but joy when the blood covered Thorongoral crossed the threshold of the large gates. Bending to catch his breath and looking back over his shoulder at the train of bones and blood left in his path, he let out a roar of a laugh as he rejoiced in the moment. Battle always got him excited this way. Especially when it is spiced in victory. He looked up to Ewen and spoke calmly. "If I am to cross this threshold, then we should cross it together." Together they walked as the suns rays glinted off of their armor. "Welcome to the King's Own Thorongoral of Clan Stonefist", Ewen spoke with a slight smile.


As written in his memoirs by Thorongoral Stonefist, The Oathbinder.

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