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  • 1: The Wetlands (everything between the mountains parallel to 6 and the river used to be in the Wetlands, for reference)
  • 2: Wrecked Caravan/Rockslide (probably not big enough for label, but should probably have a symbol to indicate it)
  • 3: Stonewrought Dam
  • 4: Grim Batol
  • 5: Ebony Encampment
  • 6: Gate Ruk'thar
  • 7: Gate Mosh'drak
  • 8: Ruby Enclave
  • 9: Gate Gan'krush
  • 10: The Obsidian Maw
  • 11: Anak'zuum Rift
  • 12: The Tenebrous Overlook
  • 13: The Faceless Drop
  • 14: Molok's Fall (again, too small for a label, but maybe an icon, a tent, maybe - could go here)
  • 15: Ebonwing Post (see directly above, probable icon is a dwarf house icon)
  • 16: Dun Thaurissan (very large Dark Iron dwarf town, probably a lot of house/building icons)
  • 17: Neltharion's Roost (too small for label, maybe not even an icon)
  • 18: Twilight Citadel (mage tower icon, most likely, definitely needs a label)
  • 19: Netherwing Chambers (cave icon, needs a label)

Other info:

The brown are (is?) mountains, and the black line under the main Grim Batol mountain is the edge of the ridge that the Ebony Encampment is on.

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