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This article is silly. Coming from a source other than the computer games, trading card game, novels, RPG, or manga, its content is not part of official Warcraft lore, but nevertheless has become part of the culture belonging to the World of Warcraft community.

Neutral 32 The Brewrealm
Level 85
Twin Peaks loading screen
Brewrealm Loading Screen
RacesIconSmall EarthenNorth Beerborn Earthen
IconSmall Dust Brew Elementals
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female Ironforge Dwarves
IconSmall Wildhammer MaleIconSmall Wildhammer Female Wildhammer Dwarves
IconSmall Pandaren Pandaren
IconSmall Goblin MaleIconSmall Goblin Female Bilgewater Goblins
IconSmall DarkIron MaleIconSmall DarkIron Female Dark Iron Dwarves
IconSmall ZandalarTroll MaleIconSmall ZandalarTroll Female Zandalar Trolls
LocationElemental Plane

The Brewrealm is an entirely fan and player-made fifth elemental plane - the Elemental Plane of Brew. Unlike the four prison planes of Deepholm, Skywall, the Firelands, and the Abyssal Maw, the Brewrealm is an entirely unknown creation of the Titans that deals with the strange and powerful element of Brew. The plane itself exists outside of the "sphere" of the Elemental Planes, existing as a single beige continent lazily floating atop the great Lager Sea. Roughly the size of Deepholm, the Brewrealm is a crescent-shaped land, sloping downward from the Frostfoam Mountains of the east to the warm Sud Coast of the southwest.

Ruled by the benevolent Brewnaugh the Beerlord, the Brewrealm is home to many different species, including Rams, Kodos, Beerborn Earthen, Brew Elementals, among others. The most notable characteristic of the plane is that, while fertile, the land possesses plant life entirely different from Azeroth. What plants are not hops, wheat, or mushrooms used in the production of alcohol are in fact the vegetative forms of alcohol's best accompaniments, such as the famed Sausage Weeds or Pretzel Vine. Since the Earthen Ring discovered the plane, the Alliance and Horde have both attempted to lay claim to the land - despite its arcadian appearance, the realm holds powerful secrets of the Titans. Dwarves, pandaren, and goblins have all made their own pilgrimages here, with the former and latter being the main supporters of war efforts of their faction.

In World of Warcraft, the Brewrealm is to be introduced as a meta-zone like Stranglethorn Vale or Vashj'ir, composed of three separate questing areas. All portions of the Brewrealm are intended for level 85 characters. The contact of Brewrealm is a Brewfest event, though players may access the realm year-round. Additional activities are available in the Brewrealm during the holiday, however.

History of the BrewrealmEdit

The Brewrealm was created alongside the other Elemental Planes. Few in Brewrealm know the exact purpose the Titans had in mind when creating this fifth plane, though the Explorer's League has been quick to discover that the element of Brew has elements of fire, earth, air, and water. Unlike the Old Gods, however, who also draw power from all four traditional elements, the Brewrealm is empowered by these four essences without suffering from corruption. Many scholars of the Earthen Ring and the Explorer's League have concluded that the Brewrealm was, in fact, a prototype distillation mechanism, meant to destroy the chaotic fury of Azeroth's elementals and leave behind only the joyous buzz of Brew.

The land needed guardians, however, and so the Titans used the Subterranean Being Matrix once more and created the Beerborn - a race of stout, stony earthen-like beings with incredible powers over the element of Brew. Other than the occasional, sometimes accidental teleportation to Azeroth to intermix with the Earthen, the Beerborn lived in relative harmony for millennia, their tranquil realm remaining undisturbed for uncountable centuries.

With the advent of the great cataclysm, however, the Brewrealm was shaken to its roots for the first time in eons. The barrier between the realm and Azeroth grew thin, waiting for the right catalyst to finally bridge the gap. In spite of the chaos, the dwarves of Ironforge and the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel still celebrated Brewfest, this time early in the new year as a gesture of renewal and inebriation in the face of incredible destruction. As Brew energies accumulated on Azeroth, the barrier between the planes was finally breached, unbeknownst to most mortals.

The Twilight's Hammer, however, was well aware of the newfound plane and the incredible powers it held. Sending the great and terrible Coren Direbrew through the breach with an army of cultists and dragonkin, the Hammer assaulted the plane and subjugated the Beerlord, Brewnauph. With the Brewrealm under their control, they began draining the world of its Brew energy, sobering the land and obliterating the sublime buzz of the realm.

Only recently has the Earthen Ring become aware of this new terror. Sending emissaries to the cities of the Horde and Alliance, they have opened permanent portals to the realm in the earthshrines of Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Establishing the settlement of Alehelm, the Ring now works to repair the damage done to the realm and oust the Twilight's Hammer.

Geography of the BrewrealmEdit


Map of the Brewrealm, by Arathanar

The Brewrealm is home to three main areas: the Sud Coast in the southwest, the Hops Plains in the center, and the Frostfoam Province in the west. The continent slopes downward, with the Sud Coast being at sea level, and the Frostfoam Province being high above the earth. Central landmarks include the Golden Temple of Brew, Alehelm, The Brewing Glens, Beerborn Summit, and the Frostfoam Mountains.


Map of the Sud Coast

Sud CoastEdit

Westmost of the Brewrealm is the Sud Coast, one of the few areas in the Brewrealm that borders the Lager Sea without insurmountable cliffs. Here, the warm, foaming booze of the realm's ocean laps on the shore, instantly cooling to whatever temperature the user wishes. The city of Port Rum has been opened by those who would sail the open waters of Brewrealm's sea, and the trolls of Zandalar have established the outpost of Cape Corona to examine the elemental and spiritual properties of the region.

The Twilight's Hammer, however, has also moved in on this area, redirecting the flow of the Amber River and parching the alcohol-dependent lands of the Sud Coast. Drystout Gulch is one such area - formerly known as the Stoutgrove, the area has been sobered and drained by the vile forces of Coren Direbrew.


Map of the Hops Plains

Hops PlainsEdit

The Great Hops Plains are the bubbling, fermented heart of the Brewrealm. Home to nearly all the wondrous species of the plane, the Brewing Glens dominate the center of the zone, with the great Brewrealm Kodo and Rams grazing on the open flats among the phantasmal Pink Elekk and mischievous Wolpertingers. In the north of these glens lies Maplebooze Woods, where all the incredible plants of the Brewrealm grow - from Sausage Weed to Pretzel Vine, it can be found in Maplebooze.

Farther south lies the Foaming Pools, where some of the more brewable fungus lies and the Gilneans and Forsaken clash over the once-popular Lordaeron delicacy of Lager Truffles. To the western edge of the glens lies the Grogmarsh, a thick bog of all the roughest and toughest forms of alcohol found in the world. Naturally, the Gordok ogres have moved in to try and harvest the region's mysterious power and flavor. At the center of the glen lies the Beerborn Summit, the capital of the Beerborn Earthen after the subjugation of Brewnauph forced them out of the Golden Temple of Brew.

In the southwest, near the border to the Sud Coast, the town of Alehelm lies. Established by the Earthen Ring when the Brewrealm was first discovered, Alehelm is a nexus of activity for new Brewrealm patrons. With colossal steins and mugs serving as dwellings and shops, the village is as much a grand party as it is a staging ground for the final assault against Coren Direbrew, whose dark sanctuary of Direbrew Ledge can be found in the far north, across the horrific Sober Scar.

In the east, the northern Frostfoam Ledge is the chilled home of the icy core of Brewrealm which helps keep the wondrous alcohol of the land cold. The area can only be accessed with flying mounts, and provides a shortcut to the Frostfoam Province, as well as the home of an expedition of Pandaren from the Chilling Canyon.

Brewrealm RewardsEdit

This is only a partial list of possible rewards from adventuring in the Brewrealm. A full list can be found on the respective pages.

Brewrealm Ability Tomes
Inv misc book 07
Inv misc book 01
Inv misc book 06

Brewrealm Mounts
Ability mount mountainram
Ability mount kodo 03
Ability mount mountainram
Ability mount kotobrewfest
Ability mount raptor

Brewrealm Tokens

Brewrealm Gathering

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