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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Selosine Horde 15 Sisters of Elune US IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 70 House Caedes
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank



Known to her friends simply as 'Selo', Selosine is an Afflictionist Warlock, and is the founder and current guildmaster of Nox Noctis Frater.

Raised by her mother in the border territories between Eversong Wood and the Ghostlands, Selosine (in her youth) trained in the Dark Arts as a means of exacting revenge against the world that she belived had forsaken her. However, as Selosine traveled beyond her homeland, she saw much of the benevolance and kindness of the common inhabitants of Azeroth. She reevaluated the world she knew, and learned to reject the motives of evil, while continuing to refine her understanding and mastery of Dark Magics.

Today, Selosine harnesses the power of the Dark for the purposes of justice, and equity. She has dedicated her life to helping others find thier way, both within themselves, and throught Azeroth. She has learned, from her own experience, that it is often the hand of a stranger that can allow one to survive with the living and the free, rather than fall into the depths of subjegation, servatude and pain.

Play Style and TacticsEdit

  • Selosine is first and foremost a team member. She revels in the opportunity to operate within a group of well synchronized adventurers. She has an extremly solid understanding of the role of a Warlock in group play, and follows orders of a group leader faithfully.
  • She is highly capable in the realm aggro control, utilizing her demon as a primary aggro management tool (Selosine relies on the Omen threat meter to manage aggro) If a 'demon tank' is not needed, Selosine will DoT then Drain Life singular mobs, or will either spam instant cast DoT's such as Corruption or will cast various AoE spells when facing many small mobs.
  • Selosine has harnessed the power of the Dark Arts to focus upon bringing down single powerful foes – she is a self-styled “boss killer”, as her class traits are best suited to felling powerful lone enemies. Concerning standard mobs, Selosine regularly offers challenges to single mobs three to five ranks above her own level, in addition to battling up to three mobs consecutively of her own level.
  • When given the choice, Selosine prefers to work with Paladins in the tank role, as she cannot offer her allies much in the way of buffs or healing (though she welcomes all teammates!). However, she utilizes Soulstones and Ritual of Summoning regularly and provides these services willingly, even to those she is not grouped with. These talents serve as the primary non-combat contribution to parties she is grouped with, along with Healthstones (useful due to the fact that the are one a diffrent timer than potions)
  • Selosine's gear choices center upon those items which provide bonuses to Intellect and Stamina. Spirit is less of a concern for Selosine, as her class abilities and talents provide ample opportunity to quickly recover health and mana expended during battle. Though she understands and appreciates the benefits of gear which provides raw stat bonuses, Selosine will often forgo gear which is statistically superior in favor of gear which is esthetically pleasing. Color, name and style count in such a visual world...
  • Selosine will always ask her fellow adventurers to pass along any magical gear that they would not otherwise use, as her pursuit of the Enchanting skills demand large amount of disenchanted reagents. She repays this generosity by providing free custom made gear or enchantments to anyone in her party. Selosone will not role on gear without expressed concent from party members, and has great distain for ninja players.
    • The Good: Selosine rarely "needs" the loot for personnel equipping. As a rule, only very specific Rare's or Epic's will ever be desired by Selosine, and she will always call these out before an Instance begins.
    • The Bad: Selosine is, afetr all, an she would always prefer to grab loot for disenchanting that is not sought by her fellow adventurers.
    • The Ugly: Selosine tends to be a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to understanding what party members really need in the realm of loot, and she apologies in advance for rolling for items that are highly valued by others - Selosine will never 'pickup' Rares or any other bind on pickup items, nor 'equip' any gear without being 100% sure that each of her teamates are taken care of!

Talent SpecEdit

Selosine's WoW Armory profile can be found at

Afflictionist (DrainLock)





Battle HistoryEdit


Under Construction...


  • The Discovery of Shadow
  • Arrogance and Desecration
  • The Discovery of Light
  • Beholden Power
  • An Unlikely Friend
  • The Footsteps of the Future

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