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Hi, my name on this is Thepiesflyinghigh, however I am more commonly known on other wikis (such as the Call of Duty Wiki) as Smuff. Sadly, I no longer play the game and am in it for the ride, as I find the changes with Cataclysm rather odd. However, I will still try to find grammar/spelling mistakes. Please forgive me for calling myself Smuff on this, it helps me keep up an image on wikia. Thanks!

My itemsEdit

Inv weapon glave 01
  • God
  • Item Level 400
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Sword
  • Two-Hand
  • Speed 2.00
  • 10000-20000 Holy Damage
  • (375.0 damage per second)
  • 900 Armor
  • +200 Stamina
    +200 Strength
    +200 Agility
    +200 Agility
    +200 Intellect
  • UI-EmptySocket-Meta Meta Socket
    UI-EmptySocket-Meta Meta Socket
    UI-EmptySocket-Red Red Socket
  • Socket Bonus: +80 Attack Power
  • Durability 1000 / 1000
  • Classes: Hunter/Warrior/Paladin/Death Knight
  • Requires level 80
  • Requires Epicness
  • Equip: Increases Attack Power by 600
    Equip: Increases Hit Rating by 150.
    Equip: Increases Expertise Ratng by 100.
    Equip: Increases resiliance rating by 100.
    Equip: Makes you as hard as Chuck Norris, scaring all enemies 10 levels below and making their stats drop by 200.
    Equip: Increases all resistances by 40
    Chance on Hit: Strikes the ememy with all 5 schools of magic. This cannot be resisted.
    Chance on Hit: Increases all stats by 6000
    Use: Slays all enemies within a 100 yard radius (30 second cooldown). Does not apply to ?? bosses.
  • "This weapon gave Chuck Norris his reputation."
Inv mace 01
Inv misc food 07

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