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I am The Lore Nerd, and this is my user page.

AllianceNPC 32The Lore Nerd, The Librarian Of The Exodar
Race Draenei
Level 90 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation The Alliance, the Exodar
Location Norway, Earth

Made-Up characters!Edit

This is characters that I have had ideas of:


An Mag'har Shaman who where captured by Defias. He is one of the youngest shamans ever to be.

His model would been like Garrosh.

Captain AllanEdit

A Human Paladin who where captured by Defias. He lost all his belongings during the Second War.

His model would been like a Stormwind Guard (NPC) with a warhammer.

Ronald PlaugeripperEdit

A Forsaken Rogue who was captured by Defias. Not much is known about him.

His model would been like a Deathstalker.

Naqaul DarkthootEdit

A Broken Warrior who where captured by Defias. He was one of the Draenei who helped Akama evacuate the civillians when the orcs attacked the Draenei post-first war.

His model would been like Akamas.

Glurq And QuidEdit

Two Murloc Hydromancer who was captured by the Defias. They are is renowned among murlocs to be clumsy.

Their models would been purple and blue murlocs with green eyes and flippers(Or whatever you call their hands, feet and that thing at their back), wearing a Smooth Walking Staff.

Glurq's name was just something I came up with, but Quid is Latin.


Contacting me?Edit

If you want to contact me send a mail to this account:

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