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Wrykthalos is the founder of the Chain of Eternity and is the only dragon in documented history to revolt against a Dragonflight Aspect and not unwilling serve higher authority or be undead and raised under the service of the Lich King. Just a few years ago this massive wyrm was blessed as the newest Eternal, for fear of the occurrence of a pandemonium throughout Northrend in which Malygos alone would not be able to stop an entire warring continent. However, Wrykthalos would much rather use his new powers for his own personal needs, rather than going out and saving others.

Wrykthalos's presence in Dragonblight is a two-fold. Naturally having a strong connection to the Dragonshrines that exist there and the fallen dragons of his flight that were killed, Wrykthalos moved to the Forgotten Shore to watch over his ancestors. It is also where he prepares his assault upon the Scourge, who are defiling the Dragonshrines for their own perverted use, creating mindless Frost Wyrms in the service of the Lich King. Also, the great Eternal has a personal quarrel with the undead Scourge, harboring a rage for them almost as strong as the Forsaken or Scarlet Crusade. When he discovered of their presence in dragon sacred grounds, Wrykthalos had no choice but to eradicate the forces.

NeutralNPCElite 32Wrykthalos
Dragon nopic
Title <Bane of the Flights>
Gender Male
Race Blue dragonflight (Wyrm)
Level  ?? Elite
Health 291M
Mana 1,213K
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Chains of Eternity
Position Leader of the Chains of Eternity, Quest Giver
Location Forgotten Shore, Dragonblight
Status Eternal
Relative(s) Sindragosa (former mate)

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