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Neutral 32Vaslyth "Wanderer"
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Character class Priest (Formerly Warlock)
Affiliation Steamwheedle Cartel (?)
Position Wandering Mercenary/Tinker
Location Unknown
Status Exploring Outland

Vaslyth, before his "conversion".

Vaslyth Edit

Vaslyth is a Blood Elf loosely affiliated with the Horde and various Goblin factions.

The following represents knowledge that is easily gained through research or the social grapevine.

History Edit

His exact age is unknown. According to him he was serving as arcane support for an unspecified Kul Tiras sea vessel during the events of the Third War, and returned to his homeland to aid in the reconstruction of Silvermoon City shortly after the exodus of Kael'thas’s forces. He evades mentioning details of his life before and during the third war, and why he is now a wandering vagabond, whenever the subject is brought up.

He is an arcanist with specialties in demonology and the manipulation of fel energies, with an obsessive interest in technology and goblin devices. He spends most of his time traveling Kalimdor doing odd jobs and freelance missions and is occasionally seen in the major Horde cities, usually in areas friendly to his brand of tinkers and arcanists.

Vaslyth's "Conversion" Edit

Not long ago, an emergency situation was called within the administration of Silvermoon. It was eventually leaked that a blood elf (Vaslyth) had been discovered collapsed near the imprisoned Naaru M'uru, unconscious and surrounded by an unknown magical energy. He was rushed to healers, where it was revealed that he was leaking fel energy in great quantities. Nearly 48 hours later the emitting and magical influence ceased, and he regained conscious seemingly unharmed and in good spirits. He replied to all inquiries and questionings with the same vague statement that he had been “converted”. He disappeared from the city shortly afterward.

Since then he has been seen wielding an entirely different array of magical abilities, without his usual demonic bodyguards. By all accounts he is drawing upon the Holy Light, for his power greatly resembles those of priests of said faith. The extent of his newfound powers is unknown.

Description Edit

His skin is light normally, however he is always noticeably suntanned. His hair, once a natural flame red but now as white as paper, is often messy. He usually ties most of it back in a ponytail. He is often unwashed and dirty although he does tend to be clean when around civilized company for long periods of time. Has a visible but long healed scar on his left cheek. Usually wears some form of goggles.

He is described as being somewhat eccentric.

Standalone Facts (As they are learned) Edit

  • Uses the word "Wanderer" as a surname. Real surname unknown, also it may be that Vaslyth isn't his real name.
  • Is an Engineer specializing in Goblin technology.
  • Is known and respected by the Horde for numerous heroic deeds.
  • Respects and is respected by most goblins of the Steamweedle Cartel, with the exception of the Venture Co. Seems to prefer the company of goblins over any other race.
  • Refers to the Alliance as traitorous and untrustworthy.
  • Seems overly interested in Druidism.
  • Owns property in Ratchet, an open house by the gallows from which he occasionally stays at and opens as a shop for engineering supplies.

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