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                                                          Return of the Chaos King

My idea: As the deathwingis killed, everyone thinks there is no more great danger in world. But they were all wrong. An old enemy is returned now more powerful than before ad ever. Bolvar Fordragon was killed and Arthas is back as a lich king once again. New war is comming. Now down i will write whole idea story. In this expansion i would also like to return classes to their old job. Wha i mean is this: In cataclysm almost everyone can heal, tank become more dps and healer get weaker.i would like to enter some new area and raids too.

PLOT : Arthas has been resurected as like human death knight. Now he has killed Bolvar Fordragon and he beacame Lich King again. As he returned using runeforge and ancient power the legendary blade frostmourne is reforged nad created once again. Sindragosa has been called once again to serve him. Building a arm of the scourge world is in danger once again. Trying it to stop before it begins, Tirion Fordring and Dairon Mograine too. Forces of Alliance and Horde must be prepared for that what is comming. Right now Azeroth must defend themselves again...

New quests, new dances, new hairstyles, new playable zones and new class changes.

New class changes : Now as arthas returned, DK-s have new story. When they reach level 65, they go to leveling till levle 85. Then they are ported to icecrown in their city, now they serve to lich king. Main objective is to kill other player. I would create some bg, where ally and horde are fightning together against dk.

Main new raids: Nemesis's rise: 10/25/40: This raid is about return of 7 Dragons clan which are trying to make arthas will's living. Last Boss- Sindragosa ,first time.

Cavrens of time: New wing: Arthas 's return

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