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Hullo, hullo, peoples! I am TheDarkMantis15, but you can call me Dark for short. I am a player of WoW (surprise, surprise) and a fan fiction writer. I am relatively new to editing, so if you can point out mistakes, I'd be grateful and will learn from them.

About me Edit

Full Name: Kyle D.
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
Personality: Laid back and friendly.
Attire: Anything that's clean and fits and doesn't look stupid.
Build: Slightly chubby
Backstory: Just your friendly neighborhood WoW player who's also a fanfic-writing teenager.
Likes: Good music, friends, fried chicken, candy, reading, games
Dislikes: Most mainstream things, jerks, idiots, rap, rotted things, being bored

My StoriesEdit

Character Biographies Edit

Kioal Darkblade Edit

Full Name: Kioal Bemoth Darkblade
Age: 18
Race: Worgen
Sex: Male
Class: Druid
Allegiance: Alliance
Associated Factions: Cenarion Circle, Avengers of Hyjal
Personality: Understanding and quick to react and anger - although his worgen curse can cause him to be more irritable than before.
Attire: Blue and brown leathers, knee-high boots, finger-less gloves, lunar crescent on head.
Build: Athletic
Facial details: Blue eyes, red hair, mustache, beard and locks, peach-colored skin in human form, greyish fur in worgen form.
Theme Songs: His World (Crush 40 Cover) by Zebrahead, Open Your Heart by Crush 40, Supporting Me (Generations Mix) by Everett Bradley, How Old Is Your Soul? (Instrumental) by Combichrist
Family: Zaihra Leafshadow (night elfmother, deceased), Chikira Darkblade (human father, deceased), Shahra Darkblade (night elf sister, alive), Isaac Torquebarrel (uncle, alive), Tenavra Stormhoof (lover, alive)
Backstory: Kioal Darkblade is the son of two renowned heroes, Zaihra and Chikira Darkblade. The first human to take up druidism, he is known for being somewhat shy and secluded from people. His best friend, Tenavra Stormhoof, a female tauren and fellow druid, is, in his words, the one person who changed his life.

He inherits his mother's keen eyesight and nocturnal nature, while he takes after his father's affinity for stealth and staying hidden. His favorite pastimes involve reading and practicing his preferred specialization: Feral Combat. As such, he is seen using his dark-furred Cat Form most of the time.

Kioal's story starts in Gilneas, two weeks after the death of his mother in Icecrown Citadel. The human druid learns that his associate, Troy Nightfire, plots to unleash the worgen on Gilneas, in the name of a strange entity named "Deathwing". After becoming a worgen himself, Kioal eventually proclaims his love for Tenavra, and they then proceed to fight back the Forsaken attacking the city. After they win it back, though not without the loss of Liam Greymane, Kioal receives word that his father is being attacked by Troy Nightfire in Gilneas City. Despite reaching him in time, Kioal is incapacitated by Troy, and can only watch in horror at his father sacrifices himself to save his son. After a tearful goodbye, Kioal remembers that Troy carried out Chikira's murder, and proceeds to attack the Twilight War Hound, only to have Nightfire escape through a portal.

After the funeral of Chikira, Tenavra and Kioal set off to Hyjal while Isaac Torquebarrel works in the Twilight Highlands. Kioal does not know what horrors await him in the days to come - he only knows what needs to do.

Isaac Torquebarrel Edit

Full Name: Isaac Torquebarrel
Age: N/A (immortal - ageless)
Race: Demonically enhanced goblin
Sex: Male
Class: Hunter (in-game), mercenary (story)
Allegiance: Horde (in-game), neutral (story)
Associated Factions: Shattered Sun Offensive, The Scryers, The Aldor, Steamwheedle Cartel, The Sha'tar
Personality: Blunt and to the point.
Attire: Dark-blue metal armor, electric spikes on shoulders, fingerless gauntlets, gasmask with two horns on each side of his head, bow-gauntlet on right arm, blue gem in chest that flares brightly when gravely injured or experiencing an intense emotion (terror, pleasure, joy, etc).
Build: Tough
Facial Details: Scar on right cheek, black hair slicked back, one red eye, one blue eye.
Theme Songs: Devils Never Cry (from Devil May Cry 3), Who I Am by Magna-Fi, Never Surrender by Combichrist, Taste The Blood (from Devil May Cry 3), Divine Hate/Now You've Really Crossed The Line (from Devil May Cry 3), Life by Kobra And The Lotus, The Hot Wind Blowing by Jamie Christopherson, I'm My Own Master Now by Jamie Christopherson (Instrumental) (Spirit of the Wolf Mix)
Family: Selron Dawntreader (lover, deceased), Valenominous Sunstorm (best friend, alive) Chikira Darkblade (friend and ally, deceased), Zaihra Leafshadow (friend and ally, deceased), Kioal Darkblade (nephew, alive), Tenavra Stormhoof (step-niece, alive) Doomstone ("perfect" clone, deceased and absorbed - revived and vengeful in Echoing Shadows)
Backstory: Isaac is not your average goblin. He was born of dark magicks and twisted metal - meant to be the ultimate weapon of the Burning Legion. However, he developed a consciousness and fled his masters, causing Kil'jaedan (his creator) to fashion a more powerful and monstrous copy of Isaac: Doomstone, the Endgame. Isaac faces his brother numerous times throughout his journey in Outland and Quel'thalas.

Along the way, Isaac meets a friendly face - Selron Dawntreader, a blood elf ranger - and eventually falls in love with her. This love would eventually be exploited by Kil'jaedan during the assault on the Sunwell.

Throughout his journey, Isaac eventually learns shamanism, courtesy of a draenai named Cali, as a way to purify his body of the disgusting demon energies that flow through his veins. He fails to expel it, however, he creates a balance between his destructive and protective sides.

After facing his brother one last time, Isaac is overpowered and his mind is dominated on the inside, where Doomstone takes control and becomes Hellbane. Selron and Valenominous are constricted and almost die, but Isaac, with a great surge of will, forces his brother out and fights one more time before absorbing him back into his body and becoming incredibly powerful... right before he falls unconscious.

After being healed, Isaac ignores his friend and lover's pleas to stay, and sets out on his own to the Sunwell, bent on defeating his creator once and for all. When he makes it there, Isaac witnesses his lover sacrifice herself and take the killing shot meant for him when he is incapacitated. Enraged and empowered, Isaac transforms and takes the fight to The Deceiver within the Sunwell.

After defeating and banishing the Deceiver from Azeroth, Isaac feels an immense emptiness, made more true by the fact that Selron couldn't be revived - Kil'jaedan had meant his shot to be a killing blow, and not even the Sunwell could reverse the effects. Depressed, Isaac eventually comes out of his shell, and, with the help of his paladin friend Valenominous, goes to Northrend to fight the Lich King with heroes Zaihra and Chikira Darkblade, setting the stage for the events of Cracked Reflection.

After witnessing the death of Chikira's wife, Isaac swears an oath to the rogue to protect his son. Two weeks later, the Cataclysm breaks the world and the events of Catastrophe kick off.

Isaac doesn't know what challenges await him - he only knows that he'll be able to do what Garrosh will fail to: save the world from destruction.

Jaiden Bonefreeze Edit

Full Name: Jaiden Leafshadow-Bonefreeze
Age: 244 (before the Frozen Throne), 250 (beginning of Wrath)
Race: Night Elf
Sex: Male
Class: Death Knight
Allegiance: Alliance (in-game), The Scourge (story)
Associated Factions: N/A
Personality: Cold and brutal, he doesn't care who gets caught in his path of destruction.
Attire: Dark plating, horns on helmet, skulls here and there.
Build: Lean
Facial Details: Piercing blue eyes, white hair that flows down his back, two locks of hair in front of his chest, trimmed mustache and beard.
Theme Song: by Kevin Sherwood and Clark S. Nova (from CoD: Black Ops II)
Family: Zaihra Leafshadow (sister, deceased)
Backstory: Destructive.



These are the words that can describe a being like Jaiden Bonefreeze. He used to be a proud warrior under Arthas' command, but when he followed the Prince of Lordaeron into Northrend, he had been killed and later resurrected as the death knight Bonefreeze.

Now, nothing sways Jaiden in his crusade to end all life as we know it. What particularly annoys him, however, is his sister, Zaihra - she had come to Northrend along with her husband to fight the Scourge. Jaiden can feel no remorse for the pain he will inflict on her.

In his mind, only one thing remains clear:

"The Lich King reigns supreme."

Deathfang Edit

Full Name: Troy "Deathfang" Nightfire
Age: 19
Race: Worgen
Sex: Male
Class: Twilight Cultist
Allegiance: The Twilight's Hammer
Associated Factions: N/A
Personality: Loathing and mocking, he delights in the suffering of others.
Attire: Varies with location:

  • Gilneas: Green armor with bladed shoulders and helmet, large axe with yellow light in center.
  • Bastion of Twilight: Same as Gilneas, except purple shaded, wearing a matching cape and wielding a large hammer.
  • Firelands: Flaming red armor with lava cracks, wielding a spiked hammer
  • Dragon Soul: Red, cracked armor bearing similarities to Deathwing, flaming shield, wielding Reclaimed Ashkandi
  • Madness of Deathwing: same as above, except purple-blue and wielding a gore-dripping polearm forged from Deathwing's blood

Build: Strong
Facial Details: Red eyes, gaunt visage, scars on body.
Theme Song: For True Story by Everett Bradley (Generations Mix), Throw It All Away by Everett Bradley, Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
Family: Unknown father, unknown mother
Backstory: Troy "Deathfang" Nightfire's childhood was not a happy one. He was abandoned the moment after birth and dumped in a shoddy orphanage, where he was mercilessly bullied and taunted for no reason. At age 15, he sneaked out and escaped the bullies. 2 years later, he applied to be a guard for King Greymane, and then when the Darkblade family arrived, an immense jealousy and hatred for them began to grow in his heart. He hated that, while he started out in rags, the Darkblades are praised as heroes and showered in gold and fame. Before he knew it, he was plotting to kill Chikira and Kioal, but didn't know how he'd do it...

...until the Destroyer contacted him. Deathwing promised him women, gold, fame, power - many things, only if he joined the Twilight's Hammer. Troy agreed, and, after a rigorous and PAINFUL initiation ritual, he returns to Gilneas and unleashes the worgen upon the nation. Some time after, he attempts to kill Kioal, only to have Chikira jump in the way of his Twilight Annihilator and sacrifice himself. Deathfang curses the rogue before escaping Kioal's rage, and flees for the Bastion of Twilight to help Cho'gall.

Troy knows that what he's done is unforgivable, but he doesn't care.

He just wants to see the world burn.

Chikira Darkblade Edit

Full Name: Chikira Dante Darkblade
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Class: Rogue
Allegiance: Alliance
Associated Factions: Stormwind, Valiance Expedition, Defias Bandits (formerly), Booty Bay, The Valkyries (his guild)
Personality: Rough around the edges, yet able to display a caring side to his friends and family.
Attire: Dark leather armor, mask that conceals his mouth, eye patch on one eye, wielding a medium sword and dagger as his weaponry.
Build: Agile
Facial Details: Grey-ish black hair, mustache, and beard, calm green eyes, stern expression, one eye covered by a patch.
Theme Song: Throat Full of Glass by Combichrist, How Old Is Your Soul? by Combichrist, Empty by Combichrist, Knight of the Wind by Crush 40, Supporting Me by Everett Bradley
Family: Zaihra Leafshadow (loving wife, deceased) Kioal Darkblade (son, alive), Shahra Darkblade (daughter, alive), Isaac Torquebarrel (ally and friend, alive), Lasaru Duskrunner (guildmate, unknown)
Backstory: Chikira Darkblade is a rogue with a terrible history. When he was young, he joined the Defias Bandits in protest of his father trying to force him into being a paladin (Chikira preferred small daggers and knives and leather armor over maces and heavy plate). Somewhere down the line, a Defias leader ordered Chikira to murder his family. Despite the void between Chikira and his father, the rogue refused, and the leader subsequently sent a different team to kill Darkblade's family despite his best efforts to stop them. His house had been bombed out with all the family members, minus Chikira, inside. The guilt of being unable to save his family led him to renounce his ties with the Defias and go into hiding, eventually meeting a guild called The Valkryies in Stormwind. He decides to join, feeling that helping against threats in the outside world would wash away his guilt.

Eventually, he meets a night elf hunter named Zaihra Leafshadow, and they are almost immediately at odds - Zaihra spits on Chikira's willingness to fight dirty, while Chikira mocks Zaihra for her not facing enemies up close. However, despite their differences, they made a good team during raids. In fact, the Guild Leader of The Valkryies, another night elf hunter named Lasaru Duskrunner (affectionately known as Miss Lain among her teammates) paired them together as a "dream team", in spite of the two clashing personalities.

To the rogue's confusion, he suddenly feels an acute attraction towards Zaihra, and he tries to dispel it by doing any solo missions he can find. On the other side of the spectrum, Zaihra also feels an immense attraction to Chikira, and does her best to blow it off by spending more time with Naia (her Nightstalker pet). In spite of these measures, both beings become more and more pestered by thoughts of each other, and it gets to the point where they both have dreams of having the other in their arms.

(more coming soon)

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