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NeutralNPC 32TerrorBlades
Title <[[Title::Assassin]]>
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Character class Assassin
Affiliation Neutral
Position Assassin
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) unknown

Welcome to my lair! I'm new here! I read alot here, and i hope that i might be in on some of the discutions here! :D Now for some stolen code! I dont like stealing code it's just that my page is so empty! My Forgoten Realms Wiki page :


Well now i have edited my first page... i hope that i did good^^
a grey item Worn lether Vest^^
added a imaged and re wrote the words... Andi have upploded some images! Oh and on wow try this *enter* {skull}!
[30.4, 29.5]. Found this let's see what i can do :D [20.4, 40.5][20.4, 40.5] So Deceber of last year was the most hitts ever and where lossing in Januaire.. hmm Night(well not my image any more there alredy where one :( )

NeutralNPC 32Mortine
Overlordes Shield
Title <[[Title::Ghoul]]>
Gender Male
Race Ghoul (Humanoid)
Character class Warrior, Ghoul
Affiliation Scourge
Position Ghoul
Location Duskwood
Status Undead
Relative(s) Unknown

Ok back after a while... going to start to play Wow soon again! :D



Just the note worthy ones: (stolen code becorse coding isent my best subject)

Alliance 32
TerrorBlades #1 Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue IconSmall Night Elf Male [70]

Horde 32
IconSmall Blood Elf Male

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