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Ethereals originally lived within Knarxes, a world within the twisting nether. The legion's arrival shattered their physical forms, but through their science, their spirits lived on. They had to live a nomad life, facing the creatures of the void. When they learned the void was allied with the burning legion, they developed a policy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. They went to the horde, whom they judged superior in might and easier to manipulate, and offered their services. A demon host followed them to Azeroth, led by Sargeras himself. Many great warriors came to fight, but all fell in battle. The horde called for a truce with the alliance, and both engaged the demon army, but were driven back. Many pledged themselves to the enemy, hoping for survival, such as Garrosh Hellscream. The burning legion landed within Northrend, where they found Bolvar Foredragon, lich king, and corrupted him. They struck at a night elf city, Prothunus, deep within Ashenvale, and placed corruption within it. Scourge and sentinel marched side by side, intent on destroying Azeroth. But upon the horizon, there was a glimmer of hope. Returned after many years disappearance, a hope for salvation. Thrall. The shaman had returned, with the titans at his side, to face Sargeras. But it was a battle which they might have lost, if not for the Ethereals. They joined Thrall in battle, and tipped the scales. Two-hundred of the greatest warriors in both the alliance and the horde faced Sargeras in the twisting nether, and they won.The legion's creator escaped, but his champion, Kil'jaden, was killed. Bolvar Foredragon broke free of Sargeras's influence, and the armies of the scourge turned on the demons. He returned with them to Northrend, but not before uttering a single prophecy. That Sargeras would return, the nightmare would become living, and the scourge would break free of his grip. What this means, the survivors can only guess...

RACIAL TRAITS Unbind: The Ethereal falls free of his bounds upon the mortal plane, stopping him from attempting any attacks and allowing him to be damaged, but increasing his movement speed by 150% and allowing him to fly. This needs a flight master's license to be used in Azeroth and cold weather flying to be used in Northrend. It acts like a flying mount. Summon: The ethereal taps into the twisting nether, and shapes it into a weapon. 30% chance of creating an unenchanted weapon that matches your class and level, which will last for ten minutes. Uses up one third of your resource (mana, focus, stamina, energy)

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