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HISTORY Several centuries before the destruction of Draenor, a lord of the Arakkoa, Terokk, summoned Sargeras to gain favor with the dark titan, having his Talonpriests sacrifice members of the lower caste to the fallen titan. But finally, one of his closest advisors, Gish Sharp-Eye, realized the folly of Terokk's ways, and planned to assassinate his superior. However, Terokk was warned by Sargeras, and Gish's rebel group was swiftly taken in chains with him. As they were to be excecuted, killed by Kil'Jaden himself, Gish cast a spell, tapping into his own life-force, and plunging the rebels into the twisting nether, from where they passed into the future... Into Azeroth... During the conflict between the alliance and the horde. Gish sent treaties to both the Alliance and the Horde for peace, and for aid to his people, and both races offered a place for such fearsome warriors. The Arrakoa kept their indipendance, but many of them joined each faction. Gish himself pledged loyalty to the Alliance, leading the Alliance Arakkoa, and his son Kratch, tainted by the demonic powers, joined the horde.


RACIAL TRAITS Glide. The Arakkoa cannot fly, but they can glide if they have at least three seconds to stretch out their wings, allowing them to control their flight. Agile. The Arakkoa can leap long distances with ease. Eagle-eye. Arakkoa can zoom-in upon a target, seeing long distances in detail as if they use a telescope.


Warrior. Arakkoa are proficient with simple blades and axes, making the path of the warrior one which many followed.

Mage. The Arakkoa were mighty mages once, and their lost spellbooks are remembered by the entire race, allowing them to cast spells.

Warlock. After Ner'Zhul tore outland apart demonic energies from the blast took hold of the remaining terrain. Through this the Eredar came, and Archimonde himself taught them the path of a warlock in exchange for their loyalty. After his death the Arakkoa were freed from their oaths, but kept the demonic powers.

Hunter. These creatures make ideal hunters, able to silently glide at creatures below if they leap, able to see creatures from a great distance, and able to leap great heights and distances to catch foes that are high, as well as having good accuracy with ranged weapons.

Shaman. Certain Arakkoa gave up their demonic magics and instead focused upon commanding the elements, leaving the dark path forever.

Paladin. Arakkoa are mighty paladins as well, learning how demons act first-hand to use that knowledge against them, knowing their main weaknesses, able to call upon the light to slay their foes.

Other notes: The Arakkoa could have, in their city once they reach level 50, a 'Sky-priest', who, for a price, will offer to alter the shape of your wings to allow you to fly, sacrificing your resource (mana, focus, rage, energy, so on), similar to a druid's Flight Form.

Customization options: Feathers, Beak, Face, Feather Colour

Home City: Sk'karr for the horde Arakkoa (located in the barrens, possibly within Thunder Ridge, which they would have drained), and Yadwan for the alliance Arakkoa (I would say this should be in either Ashenvale or Felwood, an unexplored section meant for low-level players)

Racial mount (flying): Swoop for the horde Arakkoa, Hippogryph for the alliance Arakkoa (from living so close to the night elves). Swoops come in black and grey varieties, epic versions come in silver, grey and black varieties. Hippogryphs are the same as they are with night elves.

Racial mount (running): Giant Raven (background: a wingless species that once lived on Draenor, originally unhunted, leading to them loosing their flight like the dodo. Unlike the dodo, however, the giant raven could run as fast as a horse). Comes in White, Grey and Black.

Warcries: For Kratch's Glory! (horde), The Glory Of Gish! (alliance), Let him fall in the shadow of my wing!, Take wing, and strike them down!

/attack: By wing and talon, join my charge!, Push him into the shadow of my wing!

/healme: Heal the Talons of the alliance/horde's demise!, Blood flows over my feather, I need healing!

/flee: Take wing, the winds are against us!

/joke: The Eredar held me in a pet shop once, I still have nightmares about it. I remember their voices... 'The Norweigan Blue, remarkable bird, ain't it? Beautiful plumage...'

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