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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Possible new race idea, TuskarrEdit

When can they be implemented? They could be implemented as soon as the expansion for Northrend comes out.

The Tuskarr, introduced to the Warcraft universe in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, are a race of Walrus/Human combinations.

feating the demon. In the mist of the battle, the Tauren were separated, one tribe known as the Icehoof abandoned on the freezing shores of Northrend, the others were safe on the continent of Kalimdor.

Through demonic influence and weathering harsh cold, the Icehoof Tauren evolved rapidly into a different species of being. They call themselves the Tuskarr, which in their tongue means “Frozen.” The Tuskarr, asundered from their Ancestral home became wild and savage at the hands of the cold plains of Northrend.

Five Thousand years ago, the kingdom of Azjol-Nerub flourished and was the dominating force in Northrend. Soon they found and enslaved all lesser beings of Northrend, including the Tuskarr and Polar Furbolgs. The Nerubians dominated the two peoples to near insanity, forcing them to dig and build tunnels for their legendary city, till the day of exodus arrived.

Two Thousand years ago, A Tuskarr heroine named Akna Coldtusk hatched an idea that would allow them to run free from their Nerubian captors and build a city that they could call home. One night, before the Tuskarr and Furbolgs were thrown into their cages they ambushed their captors and ran back to their old home on The Borean Tundra. The Tuskarr built a city on the shore of the tundra known as Aknariit, in honour of their beloved heroine.

The Tuskarr were a peaceful and nature loving people, except against the Nerubians that they hated. Till one day the scourge arrived on the shores of Northrend, devastating the peace they have worked so hard to achieve by freeing the Nerubians from the tunnels they locked themselves in to. They then attacked the proud city of Aknariit, destroying everything in sight. Then the Humans followed the scourge, attempting to destroy the scourge but still had little compassion for the wounded civilization. They believed the humans to be heroes, even though they didn’t do anything to save them, the humans were acting out of personal interest

The Tuskarr believed that the humans were only merely going home for supplies and that they were going to come back to save them from the now vengeful Nerubians. A bright and shiny day, the Tuskarr looked to the south and rejoiced as they saw the leader of the humans they respected so much, Arthas. But it was not what they expected; the Hero was followed by Anub’arak, the king of the Nerubians, as well as Kel’Thuzad, a leader of the scourge, the two factions they detested more than anything on the planet. The Tuskarr were enraged by seeing how the humans allied themselves with their former enemy. The enragement did not last long, since many of them were slaughtered.

The few remaining Tuskarr were able to call upon the spirits of nature to help protect them as they rebuild the city of Aknariit and find ways to survive against the faithless humans and the evil scourge.

After the re-opening of the Dark Portal, Thrall realized that the horde should have a base closer to the Frozen Throne, because he indeed knew that you need to know your enemy to beat your enemy. Thrall sent out a scouting party to Northrend to find a place where they could build a base. They stumble upon the Borean plains to see a Tuskarr fiercely battling a powerful ghoul. The scouts quickly react by attacking the ghoul and kill it. They check to see if the Walrus-man is okay, and he is. The Tuskarr known as Tuurngait, looked at the scouts with disbelief. He closely looked at the five outsiders one by one. One having green skin, one blue skin, and one was dead already, one was suspiciously close to a human, and the last one was a relative of his ancestors, a Tauren.

The Tuskarr motioned the group of scouts to follow him back to his home city of Aknariit. They follow Tuurngait through the cold plains until they finally reach the city, where they are taken to the leader of the Tuskarr, Atanarjuat Coldtusk, a direct relative of Akna Coldtusk. The leader looks onto the oblivious Tauren with doubt, for the Tuskarr thought the Tauren were killed by Sargeras ten thousand years ago.

The Tuskarr quickly allied themselves with the savage horde to once again become relatives of their proud cousins, the Tauren.

Architecture Style Edit

The Tuskarr encampments and city would be very similar to those in Norse and Inuit Culture.

Racial Abilities Edit

Cold Resistance: +10 resistance to ice magic

Skin of Leather: +15 Leatherworking Skill

Remembrance of the Slain: The Tuskarr looks back onto his slaughtered friends and grows angry where his strength and speed grow, however his armour decreases.

Sharp Tusks: The Tuskarr can sharpen his/her blade or mace on his tusk making it slightly more powerful.

Body Edit

Fur Colour – blue, brown, grey, black, white, and red

Face Style – different types of faces

Fur Style – different types of fur, I don’t know how to explain

Tusk Style – different lengths and sizes

Tattoos – Different styles and colours of tattoos.

Mount Edit

Polar Bear

Classes Edit

Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Shaman, and Druid

Speech Edit

Male Flirts -You'd look great with Blubber. -These tusks aren't only for show, gorgeous. Female Flirts -Are you into fur? -You look cold, let *me* warm you up.

Male Jokes -I just plain out distrust anything with eight legs... Female Jokes -I hate the heat! it makes me look fat...

Charges -For Akna! -Feel the Cold!

Basic Appearance Edit

The Tuskarr are about the height of an Orc. They stand up-straight and are covered in scraggly fur. In my thoughts of a Tuskarr, they would also be very *VERY* stoutly, not the epitome of a muscle head, they'd be fat due to their immense amount of blubber. This would make them the only race that is not on steroids, so it would look different. Think of an ogre in terms of their body stature.

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