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Deathwing has been sealed. Azeroth is once again safe. The world, though forever changed, can return to normal once again... Or can it?

An emerald veil spreds across a hidden land. From within, peace is disrupted by a patch of pure corruption. The evils that plagued the world spill their hate into the mist of dreams. The evil once thought dead lives again. Heroes of Azeroth must rise up and face the nightmare. Malfurion's worst fears realized, forcing him to accept help from the shadow of a dead foe. It is time to enter a new frontier...

Reccurring Nightmare edit edited-1


  • New Playable Races
  • New Completely Neutral Zone: The Emerald Dream
  • 8 New Hero Classes: One for each race on a faction
  • New Class: Monk
  • Mount Customization (though not as silly as P1mp my Mount...)
  • Guild Houses
  • Level cap raised to 100
  • Profession rank raised to Guru.
    • Learned at LV 65 (gathering)/ 75 (creation) at 500, max of 650.
  • Players can learn other languages of their faction
  • Paths of the Titans

New Playable races

High Elf

High elves

It took us how long to become playble?

After the War of the Lich King, many of the high elves moved from their home in Dalaran to Stormwind, hoping they where still welcomed. While many of the other alliance races were still bitter over the betrayal of the Blood Elves, the high elves unexpectedly welcomed by King Varian.

  • Classes: Monk, Paladin, Hunter, Mage, Warrior, Priest, Druid
  • Hero Classes: Death Knight, High Mage
  • Mount: Elven horse
  • Racial Capital: None, has section Stormwind City
  • Language: Thalassian (High Dialect)
  • Racial Leader:Vereesa Windrunner
  • Racial Abilities
    • Blood Separation passive: High Elves are more resistant to Fire and Shadow Magics.
    • Silvermoon Ancestry passive: High Elves are better at using Bows than most other races.
    • Arcane Discharge active: High Elves can shoot a bolt of Arcane energy at opponents. Leveled arcane damage, 2 minute cooldown.
    • Highborne Effect passive: High Elves non-magical attacks may cause additional Arcane damage.
    • Advanced Literature passive: High Elves start with a better inscription skill than other races.


Broodlord Lashlayer

*burps* Whoa. Should not have eaten that last elemental. NOTE: This is the closest race ingame to Draconian.

The Goblins escape from Kazen has left the island mostly uninhabited. With the settling of the lava, new beings emerge from the fire depths of Mount Kajaro. The Draconians, proud children of the long forgotten Jade Dragonflight, reemerge. Both factions race for the chance to ally this new race, but the Worgen arise first, signing the drakonid-like race to the alliance.

Death Knights are captured scouts who were sent to the surface before the eruption to report on world events.

  • Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Rouge, Shaman
  • Hero Classes: Death Knight, Draco Knight
  • Mount: Salamander (Same as the ones in WC3, but a different model from thunder lizards)
  • Racial Capital: Meteopolis (Located in Deep Scorch, entrance through Mount Kajaro)
  • Language: Draconic (Jade Dialect)
  • Racial Leader:The 5 Jade Dragon Lords
  • Racial Abilities
    • Draco Bolt active: Draconians can launch a bolt of fire from their mouths. Leveled fire damage, 2 minute cooldown.
    • Clawed Combat passive: Draconians are better at fighting bare handed or with hand weapons than other races.
    • Scaled Armor passive: Draconians have 25 armor automatically.
    • Metal Finder passive: Dragonians start with a better mining stat than other races and they don't need a pick axe.



Anyone want to join me for a pint or two? Or three? Or four...

An emerald mist appears off the coast of the Swamp of Sorrows. Just as it appears, it lifts, reveiling the long lost land of Pandaria. Though both the Horde and Alliance attempt to sign the peaceful race, Mojo Stormstout, leader of Pandaria and brother to famous Brewmaster Chen Stormstout, chooses the Horde, remembering his brother's affiliation with the Darkspear Trolls and the Beastmaster Rexxar.

During the third war and on, some Pandarens managed to escape their Emerald prison. Some were captured by the scourge.

  • Classes: Warrior, Monk, Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Hunter, Shaman
  • Hero Classes: Death Knight, Brewmaster
  • Mount: Pandaren Ox
  • Racial Capital: Great Walled City of the Ling Sing Dynasty, Located in central Pandaria.
  • Language: Pandaren
  • Racial Leader: Mojo Stormstout
  • Racial Abilities
    • Beer Gut passive: Pandaren don't get drunk as fast as other races and recover much quicker.
    • Bartender passive: Pandaren start with a higher cooking stat and know several unique dishes.
    • World Trader passive: Pandaren will not be bothered by Alliance guards unless they are flaged for PvP. Pandaren Can't talk, trade, or join parties with Alliance members outside the Emerald Dream.
    • Form of the Monkey active: When used, Pandarens will become less likly to be hit for 5 minutes. 10 minute cooldown.


Naga female and male

This is my squishy. I will call him Squishy and he shall be mine. OW! No! Bad Squishy!

Queen Azshara's rage scours the Great sea. Some of the Naga flee from her grasp. Seeking help from their old allies, the Blood Elves, they built residence in Quel'Thalas.

  • Classes: Warrior, Rouge, Mage, Priest, Hunter, Shaman, Warlock
  • Hero Classes: Death Knight, Draco Knight
  • Mount: None (Ability)
  • Racial Capital :None, shares Silvermoon City with the Blood Elves.
  • Language: Nazja
  • Racial Leader: None, Run by a small group of Sirens and Warlocks.
  • Racial Abilities
    • Deep Sea Aquatics passive: Naga can breathe underwater and swim as fast as they can walk on land.
    • Undersea Hunting passive: Naga start with higher a Fishing skill and can fish underwater.
    • Slippery Scales active: Naga can remove most debuffs (Not Resurrection sickness, debuffs caused by buffs, or item debuffs). 10 minute cooldown.
    • Serpentine Movements active: This ability is the Naga's "mount".

The Emerald Dream

Level range: 83-100


For many centuries, the Druids of Azeroth have been exploring this alternate world, studying it. Within the dream is a world that is untouched by the mortal races. The land forms one mass, and in the center the Emerald Nightmare erupts.

Unlike Azeroth and Outland, the dream is completely neutral. As neither faction can claim full hold in it's region, both the Alliance and Horde can work together to push back the Nightmare. That's not to say that they HAVE to work together...

As with Northrend, flying mounts require a new training level; Dreaming Flier. Readily available at level 90, it's not cheep, costing 2500 gold. Cheaper than Artisan flying, yes, but not as cheep as Cold Weather flying.

Many factions have new bases in the dream: the Argent Crusade takes up base near the Nightmare, preparing for war. The Cenarian Circle scatters it's armies about the dream to aid the new travelers. Even the Knights of the Ebon Blade set base in the northern most tundras of the dream, scouring for what may be Arthas's last breath...

Emerald Dream Dungeons

Coming Soon

Emerald Dream Raids

Coming Soon

Hero Classes

Each race has a uniqe hero class. However, on the opposite faction is another race with the same class exists.

Achievement dungeon gloryofthehero

To create one of these heroes, a player must, on any realm, have a character reach level 55 with the corresponding race. EX: to be a tinker, you must have a Goblin or Gnome character reach level 55. A player may have three DIFFERENT Hero classes per realm. Each Class plays differently, and many are similar to a normal class or a combination of classes. Like Death Knight, they start at level 55 in a phased area and are able to get a full set of epic gear by the time the phased area is finished.


Ability parry
  • Races: Human and Orc
  • Armor Level: Heavy (Plate)
  • Raid styles: DPS, Tank
  • Weapons: All but wands
  • Special Abilities
    • Can set three weapons on a roster to switch between with ease
    • Like a warrior, uses a rage bar.
    • New resource bar, Moral, allows the Battlemaster to buff self and others

Battlemasters are just as their name suggests; masters of battle. While easily nothing more than a buffed up warrior, Battlemasters also have several abilities of their own.

  • Tech Trees
    • Command
      • Tree focuses on Moral abilities
    • Assault
      • Tree focuses on DPS.
    • Stand
      • Tree focuses on Tanking.


  • Races: Dwarf and Pandaren
  • Armor Level: Medium (Leather)
  • Raid style: Melee DPS, Spell DPS
  • Weapons: Staff, Bow, Crossbow, Polearm, Axes, Dagger, Fist Weapons.
  • Special Abilities
    • Using their unique brewing profession, they can create concoctions that are both harmful and helpful
    • New Resource bar, Ingredients, they can create brews without gathering the materials before hand
      • If the materials are there, they will be used before the Materials bar is used.
    • Like Monks (more on them later), They use a spirit bar to pull off special attacks

Brewmasters are heroes of the parties. While preferring to go out and share joy with the world, they are not to be messed with. Using their wears as weapons and potions, they can be the life of the party and the battlefield.

  • Tech Trees
    • Storm
      • Focuses on Spirit Attacks.
    • Earth
      • Focuses on Physical Attacks
    • Fire
      • Focuses on Brewing.


Inv misc gear 05
  • Races': Gnome and Goblin
  • Armor Type: Heavy-Medium (Mail)
  • Raid Style: Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Tank
  • Weapons: Dagger, Gun, Mace
  • Special Abilities
    • Using their Tinker profession, they can "Enchant" their weapons.
    • Can create machines to aid them, like mechanical suits and robotic warriors
    • Uses a 'Spare Parts' bar, allowing them to create machines without materials
    • Has an energy bar to power machines and tools

Tinkerers are what happens when the engineering profession (which they start with at 250) becomes a class, but with many more bonuses. Tinkerers create massive machines to aid them on there quests, each with unique powers and abilities. Tinkerers can recharge their materials bar by excavating from mineral nodes.

  • Tech Trees
    • Nuts and Bolts
      • Focuses on Building (DPS and Tanking)
    • Sniping
      • Focuses on Ranged DPS
    • Tools
      • Focuses on Melee DPS

Demon Hunter

Ability warlock demonicpower
  • Races: Night Elf and Undead
  • Armor Type: Light (Cloth)
  • Raid Style: Magic DPS, Melee DPS, Tank
  • Weapons: Staff, Dagger, Fist Weapon, and Sword
  • Special Abilities
    • Can Infuse themselves with demon parts, adding armor, attack, and other stat bonuses.
    • Can use many shadow spells to combat opponents
    • Can capture demons and summon them later in battle

For the Night Elves and the Undead, demon hunters are their corrupted brethren forced to work for the Burning Legion. Recently, though, they have been forced into combat by the nightmare. When both are freed from the nightmare's grasp, the Death Knights of Azeroth won't be the only ones fighting former masters.

  • Tech Trees
    • Corruption
      • Focuses on DPS
    • Damnation
      • Focuses on demon minions.
    • Submision
      • Focuses on the Demon Hunter's infusion techniques (DPS and Tanking).

Spirit Channeler

Spell shaman spiritlink
  • Races: Draenei and Troll
  • Armor Type: Light (Cloth)
  • Raid Style: Spell DPS, Melee DPS, Healing
  • Weapons: Mace, Staff, Axe, Dagger, and Fist Weapon
  • Special Abilities
    • Can summon armies of spirits to do their bidding
    • Can use a variety of healing and damaging spells
    • Can use totems like a shaman
    • Uses both spirit and mana. one third of the resource bar is mana, one third spirit, and the last third is a fusion of both

Draenei and Trolls worship of spirits has led many to channel them into their own bodies. Some use this to aid in combat, others for medicinal purposes.

  • Tech Trees
    • Spiritual Guidance
      • Focuses on spell DPS and Summoning.
    • Conciseness
      • Focuses on Melee DPS.
    • Naturism
      • Focuses on healing.


Spell nature giftofthewild
  • Races: Worgen and Tauren
  • Armor Type: Medium (leather)
  • Raid Style: Melee DPS, Ranged DPS
  • Weapons: Axe, Sword, Fist weapon, Mace, Dagger, Bow, and Thrown
  • Special Abilities
    • Can call on various beasts to aid in combat
    • Can mark others with various markings to give bonuses
    • Can turn a beast into a pet, but with different abilities than a hunter's pet

Beastmasters roam the world seeking peace for their lesser friends. While they preffer traveling the world, they are capable battlers when need be.

  • Tech Trees
    • Brotherhood of Beasts
      • Focuses on pets (DPS)
    • Hunter's Instinct
      • Focuses on Ranged DPS
    • Bestial Combat
      • Focuses on Melee DPS

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