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Teatha Shadowspark is a Gnome Warlock and ally of the Scourge. Teatha is well known for her cheerful and sugar-sweet attitude that has fooled many to believe that she is kind and gentle. However, though her humor might be appealing and funny at times it's barely the warlock's way of hiding her dark and corrupted soul that craves the destruction of others in order to survive.

Not only does Teatha use her sweet appearance as a disguise, she also uses it to trick people into becoming her friends. Friends that she later uses to protect herself from those who try to stop her destruction of souls and shattering of lives. It is believed that Teatha is gathering an army of these "friends" and gradually converting them into her wicked belives.

Teatha has been convicted of witchcraft and was sentenced to death and executed. However, by selling the shattered remains of her already corrupt soul to Arthas, she was granted return to life. She is a danger to all life in this world and any other.


Estly Morante

<Many Months Later>

Well, well... what amusing things I run across when searching through old papers! As flattering a picture as Inquisitor Morante paints of me (and I truly do feel for her; she could have at least fallen to a much more conclusive fate like Liuceijya did... may she find redemption in the Light) I feel the need to correct a few... shall we say... misconceptions.

However, the bit about being sentenced to death and executed was completely true; that really hurt. A lot. Coming back sucked, too. However, selling my soul to Arthas? WHAT? Now THAT is just uncalled for!

Now, if you don't mind me, I have a letter to write to the Azure Order... and some recipes that might be of interest to a certain Paladin I've just gotten back in touch with...


Teatha Steelbloom

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