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Reagentbox Edit

Comparision of the two Reagentbox vs Reagentlist:

  • Reagentbox is limited to 30 items
  • Reagentbox can have customized caption
  • Reagentlist includes source for needed items
  • Reagentlist takes up less space

Reagentbox Edit

Requires Tailoring (375) and the following reagents:
Inv fabric soulcloth bolt
19x [Bolt of Soulcloth]
Spell shadow antimagicshell
12x [Rune Thread]
Inv misc leatherscrap 10
6x [Knothide Leather]

Reagentlist Edit

Trade tailoring Tailoring (375) Source
Inv fabric soulcloth bolt 19x [Bolt of Soulcloth]Created
Spell shadow antimagicshell 12x [Rune Thread]Vendor
Inv misc leatherscrap 10 6x [Knothide Leather]Created

Inclusion Edit

For [Goblin Rocket Boots]:

Trade engineering Engineering (225) Source
Inv boots 05 1x [Black Mageweave Boots]Trade tailoring(230)
   Inv fabric mageweave 03 3x [Bolt of Mageweave]Trade tailoring(175)
      Inv fabric mageweave 01 15x [Mageweave Cloth]Drop
   Inv fabric silk 02 2x [Heavy Silken Thread]Vendor
   Inv misc leatherscrap 08 2x [Thick Leather]Inv misc pelt wolf 01(175)
Inv musket 01 2x [Mithril Tube]Trade engineering(195)
   Inv ingot 06 6x [Mithril Bar]Trade mining(175)
      Inv ore mithril 01 6x [Mithril Ore]Trade mining(175)
Inv misc leatherscrap 07 4x [Heavy Leather]Inv misc pelt wolf 01(125)
Inv cask 02 2x [Goblin Rocket Fuel]Trade alchemy(210)
   Inv misc herb 19 2x [Firebloom]Trade herbalism(205)
   Inv drink 01 2x [Volatile Rum]Drop
   Inv drink 06 2x [Leaded Vial]Vendor

Comment Edit

including sub-reagents creates minor issues:

  • to create the item one doesn't actually need all the items in the reagent list. e.g. one does not need bolt of mageweave AND mageweave cloth. this is not clearly shown.
  • to make a reagentlist one has to go deep into what is made of what and who.
  • to make this advanced list one has to find out skinning and herbing levels etc, which means more work to provide such a list.
  • it may not be obvious what are subreagents and what are actual reagents.
  • more of variables has to be put into the {{reagentlist row}}

Equipmentlist Edit

Item iLevel Damage Sockets Source
[Cenarion Thicket Circlet]95+20 all Neutral 15 [63] Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know
[Skywitch Hat]99+25 all Neutral 15 [65g2] Skywing
[Shadowbrim Travel Hat]81+23 all Neutral 15 [62] Disrupt Their Reinforcements
[Mirren's Drinking Hat]90+35 all Official alliance mini-icon [62] The Finest Down
[Red Pointy Hat]108+43 all Neutral 15 [68g2] Wanted: Annihilator Servo!
[Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles]108+43 all Neutral 15 [68] You're Hired!
[Ata'mal Crown]114+46 all Neutral 15 [70] Reclaiming Holy Grounds
[Ghostly Headwrap]114+46 all Neutral 15 [70] The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered
[Exorcist's Silk Hood]100+29 allUI-EmptySocket-Meta 18 Inv jewelry frostwolftrinket 04 from IconSmall Orc MaleOfficial horde mini-icon Spirit Sage Gartok or IconSmall Human MaleOfficial alliance mini-icon Spirit Sage Zran
[Hydromancer's Headwrap]115+33 allUI-EmptySocket-Blue UI-EmptySocket-Meta Neutral 15 [70d] The Warlord's Hideout
[Tourmaline Crown]109+35 all Neutral 15 [70] Showdown
[Mage-Collar of the Firestorm]115+39 all Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Mo&#039;arg[71E] The Maker, Blood Furnace (heroic)
[Demonfang Ritual Helm]115+36 all Combat Icon 16x16[72E] The Black Stalker, Underbog (heroic)
[Mana-Etched Crown]115+34 allUI-EmptySocket-Red UI-EmptySocket-Meta Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall DragonInfinite[72E] Aeonus, Black Morass
[Incanter's Cowl]115+29 allUI-EmptySocket-Yellow UI-EmptySocket-Meta Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Blood Elf Male[72E] Pathaleon the Calculator, Mechanar
[Evoker's Helmet of Second Sight]109+35 allUI-EmptySocket-Blue UI-EmptySocket-Blue UI-EmptySocket-YellowNeutral 15 [70] Teron Gorefiend, I am...
[Hood of Oblivion]115+10 allUI-EmptySocket-Blue UI-EmptySocket-Meta Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Qiraji Male[72E] Harbinger Skyriss, The Arcatraz
[Mag'hari Ritualist's Horns]103+50 all Official horde mini-icon [68] Hero of the Mag'har
[Soul-Collar of the Incarnate]105+39 allUI-EmptySocket-Meta UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Man&#039;ari Male[??] Prince Malchezaar, Karazhan (raid)
[Wicked Witch's Hat]115+43 all Wizard of Oz event, Karazhan (raid)
[Battlecast Hood]105+43 allUI-EmptySocket-Red UI-EmptySocket-Blue Tailoring (375), BoE
[Uni-Mind Headdress]115+46 all Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall DragonNether[??] Netherspite, Karazhan (raid)
[Spellstrike Hood]105+46 allUI-EmptySocket-Blue UI-EmptySocket-Yellow UI-EmptySocket-RedTailoring (375), BoE
[Cowl of the Grand Engineer]128+53 allUI-EmptySocket-Yellow UI-EmptySocket-Yellow UI-EmptySocket-BlueCombat Icon 16x16[??] Void Reaver, The Eye (raid)
[Hood of the Avatar]133+55 allUI-EmptySocket-Meta UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Naga Female[??] Lady Vashj, Serpentshrine Cavern (raid)
[Hood of Hexing]133+56 allUI-EmptySocket-Red UI-EmptySocket-Yellow UI-EmptySocket-BlueCombat Icon 16x16IconSmall ForestTroll Male[??] Hex Lord Malacrass, Zul'Aman (raid)
[Hood of Absolution]146+62 allUI-EmptySocket-Meta UI-EmptySocket-Blue Combat Icon 16x16File:IconSmall Man'ari eredar.gif[??] Archimonde, Hyjal Summit (raid)
[Destruction Holo-gogs]127+64 allUI-EmptySocket-Meta UI-EmptySocket-Blue Engineering (350), BoP
[Collar of Cho'gall]125+68 all Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Gronn[??] Gruul the Dragonkiller, Gruul's Lair (raid)
[Cowl of the Illidari High Lord]151+64 allUI-EmptySocket-Meta UI-EmptySocket-Blue Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Blood Elf Male[??] Illidan Stormrage <The Betrayer>, Black Temple (raid)

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