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October 25, 2009

Hello guys its me! Taurenchick484! If your wondering i play in the Realm of Argent Dawn under the Chareters of Undagath and Moonlock. I Am a Horde Fan and i dispise most of the Alliance for various reasons.

A Little about me Edit

I am a lvl 70 Tauren Hunter and a lvl 15 Blood elf warlock. My usual hangout place is Thunder Bluff. Then Tauren Hunter's name is Undagath. He is a Black Tauren with a elite pet. Belf Warlock is Moonlock. She is a Dark haired Blood elf with a Voidwalker pet. I am a very helpful person but i'm barley on this so dont expect much responses. Queen of Lore, lover of the Dwarves and Tauren...and only 11 years old. Canadian, African-American [or Black if you will] is my nationality. Joined WoW on May 30th 2009. And Btw, no. 2012 isn't the end of the world you idiots. The Mayans said it was a year of "Great change".

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