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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.



Second WoW Expansion Edit

The second expansion adds some new areas to Azeroth, a new level cap and some new cool stuff.

Features Edit

Increased Level Cap

With the new expansion, the level cap rises to 80, giving the players some new high-level content to explore.

Three new areas

Three new major areas are included with the expansion: Northrend, the Maelstrom and the Isle of Kezan. In these 3 areas, the player can ride a flying mount.



Borean Tundra (Level 69-73)

Coldarra (Level 72-75)

Crystalsong Forest (Level 74-77)

Dragonblight (Level 68-70)

Grizzly Hills (Level 69-74)

Howling Fjord (Level 70-73)

Icecrown Glacier (Level 78-80)

Sholazar Basin (Level 77-80)

Storm Peaks (Level 76-79)

Zul'Drak (Level 74-78)


Azjol-Nerub (Raid 80+)

The Nexus (Raid 80+)

Kaskala (Dungeon Level 75-78)

Riplash Ruins (Dungeon Level 69-74)

Icecrown Citadel (Raid Level 80+)

Ulduar (Dungeon Level 70-73)

Temple of Storms (Dungeon Level 72-75)

Wyrmrest Temple (Dungeon Level 76-79)

Gundrak (Dungeon Level 68-72)

Drak'Tharon Keep (Dungeon Level 78-80)

The Maelstrom


The Eye (Level 68-70)

Nazjatar (Level 67-70)

The Boiling Terrace (Level 65-67)

The Rift (Level 69-72)

Scintal Reef (Level 66-68)

The Drowned Reaches (Level 60-65)

Gishan Caverns (Level 63-67)

Mak'aru (Level 57-62)

Pillar Deep (Level 59-64)


Ruins of Nazjatar (Dungeon Level 60-67)

Tomb of Sargeras (Raid Level 80+)



Savagefrond Jungle (Level 1-10)

Kajaro Cliffs (Level 10-20)

The Undermine (Major Goblin and Neutral City)


Kajaro Depths (Level 17-24)

Races and Classes Edit

New faction: The Steamwheedle Cartel The goblins are now available as playable characters and are part of a new faction, neutral to the Alliance and Horde. At level 20, all goblins must choose which faction they want to be part of, the Alliance or the Horde, pretty much like the Aldor/Scryer faction choice in the Burning Crusade.

New race: Goblins Goblins are finally available to players as playable characters. They start off in the Isle of Kezan, and they are part of the Steamwheedle Cartel faction. At level 20, they must choose if they want to be part of the Alliance of the Horde and become hostile to players of the opposite faction they choose, including other goblins.


Goblin Technology - Engineering skill increased by 10.

Natural Agility - The goblin dodges every attack during 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.

Master of the Trade - Goblins get 5% discount when buying items from any vendor, and have repair cost reduced by 5%.

Sailing mastery - Water mount or boat speed increased by 10%.

Class: Tinker The tinker is a new class with various engineering skills that are used for self-defense and combat. The tinker can use a new type of weapon: Engineering Device. These can be obtained through engineering, bought or simply by killing monsters in the wilderness.

Goblin Racial Ground Mount: Shredder

Goblin Racial Flying Mount: Zeppelin

Goblin Racial Water Mount: Sea turtle

Aquatic Mounts Edit

A new feature in the expansion is the use of aquatic mounts or boats. 350 gold and level 60 is required to learn the aquatic riding skill, which lets the player use mounts or boats that increase speed in water by 80%. At level 70, for 2000 gold, the player can upgrade the riding skill and becomes capable of riding 160% speed water mounts or boats. And, finally, at level 80, for 4500 gold, the player can learn the skill to ride 350% speed water mounts or boats.

Water Mounts:

Sea Turtle - 80% speed (Goblin Mount)

Tamed Shark - 80% speed (Alliance Mount)

Sea Basilisk - 80% speed (Horde Mount)

Tamed Naga - 160% speed (Horde Mount)

Swift Sea Eel - 160% speed (Goblin Mount)

Swift White Shark - 160% speed (Alliance Mount)

Swift Ocean Dolphin - 350% speed (Alliance Mount)

Swift Ocean Eel - 350% speed (Goblin Mount)

Swift Ocean Shark - 350% speed (Horde Mount)

Swift Sea Drake - 350% speed (Rare mount)

Swift Dragon Turtle - 350% speed (Rare drop; Exalted with Nazjatar Refugees; Chain quest)

Swift Tamed Naga - 350% speed (Rare mount)


Small Sailing Boat - 80% speed

Medium Sailing Boat - 160% speed

Large Ship - 350% speed

Battlegrounds Edit

In this expansion, 2 new battlegrounds are introduced: Azshara Crater and Chillbane Glacier. Azshara Crater is located in the Forlorn Ridge, Azshara. Chillbane Glacier is located in the Icecrown Glacier.

Azshara Crater: Level 60-69; 70-79; 80.

Chillbane Glacier: Level 70-79; 80.

New high level armor sets Edit

With the higher level cap, some high-end content is introduced, along with some new armor sets: (Considering tier 7 comes in a Burning Crusade patch, along with Zul'aman)

Tier 8: Drops in The Nexus

Warrior - Skullcrush Battlegear

Paladin - Divine Warplate

Hunter - Sharkstalker's Armor

Rogue - Murderstrike

Shaman - Maelstrom Regalia

Druid - Emerald Raiment

Priest - Riftlight Vestments

Mage - Iceshatter Regalia

Warlock - Felscourge Regalia

Tier 9: Drops in Icecrown Citadel and Tomb of Sargeras

Warrior - Deathslice Battlegear

Paladin - Exorcism Armor

Hunter - Deathstalker's Armor

Rogue - Shadowdeath

Shaman - Apocalypse Regalia

Druid - Nightmare Vestments

Priest - Scourgebane Regalia

Mage - Arcanofrost Vestments

Warlock - Sargeron Regalia

Other additions Edit

- Profession skill level increased to 450.

- Hundreds of new quests and new places to explore, in Northrend, Maelstrom and underwater.

- Expanded talent trees and new spells.

- Ability to use flying mounts in the new areas.

- Artifact items that drop in Tomb of Sargeras and Icecrown Citadel.

- New world PvP objectives in Northrend and Maelstrom.

- Legendary items that drop from end-game bosses.

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