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February 1, 2013
  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Mage
  • I am done with your Horde, may this Death God take you all...

Selama Ashal'anore

The Dark times will pass

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I am Tankingmage! An Australian mage who plays on the Emerald Dream (US). I am also on youtube as Tankingmagefire, I do parody videos, lore videos, and anything which I, and I hope others find amusing :)

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To see my videos take a look here! :)

Rage of the Pandalands, Thrall has a terrifying vision of the Pandas

Rage of the Pandalands trailer parody03:00

Rage of the Pandalands trailer parody

Rage of the Pandalands

I also do lore videos :) I'll do a video narration based on a wowwiki page and use elements from World of Warcraft, and the Warcraft Model Viewer to give a visual representation of the lore. I also of course add in the Epic World of Warcraft soundtrack! :)

WoW Pro Lore Episode 1 The Titans Machinima-136818131503:53

WoW Pro Lore Episode 1 The Titans Machinima-1368181315

My First ever episode, and much has improved since then :)

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