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World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream
Art from the official Emerald Dream site
Developer(s)Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Release date(s)TBA
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X

World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream is the upcoming fourth expansion for World of Warcraft and was officially announced on September 09, 2009 at the offical World of Warcraft website. The majority of the expansion content takes place in the Emerald Dream.

It is to include the playable races of the furbolg for the Alliance and the ogres for the Horde. Dance studios will finally be added. Ysera is the final boss in the Emerald Temple.

Information RevealedEdit

The following is a list of highlights from

  • Level cap increased to 90.
  • Finally visit the Emerald Dream.
  • New race for the Alliance: Furbolg
  • New race for the Horde: Ogre
  • New monsters, quests, and zones
  • Several new dungeons and raids
  • 1 new battleground (including "Islands of the Dream" [1]) and a new Wintergrasp-like PvP zone
  • Profession level cap raised to 700 and will be named Lord <Profession>.

Prominent figuresEdit

Among the many figures confirmed to have major roles in the story of Emerald Dream are:

New zonesEdit


  • Official alliance mini-icon Moonglade (1-20) *remade bigger and better*

Eastern KingdomsEdit

  • Official horde mini-icon Blackrock Forest (1-10)
  • Official horde mini-icon Blackrock Planes (9-20)

Emerald DreamEdit

  • Neutral 15 Emerald Paradise (83-86)
  • Neutral 15 Emerald Forest (83-86)
  • Neutral 15 Ysera's Dreamways (85-87)
  • Neutral 15 Verdant Fields (86-88)

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