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AllianceNPC 32Tamaara
Satyr by lolita art
Gender Female
Race(s) Half-draenei / Half-human
Character class Paladin
Position Apprentice Blacksmith
Location Stormwind City
Status Alive
Relative(s) Aubery Stilpond (mother), Raoule (father).

General Info Edit

Appearance Edit

The young woman appears to be Human, but her other features give away her Draenei heritage. Slender fingers tuck long golden curls that fall past two curved horns behind short, elongated ears. A white glow comes from two almond shaped eyes as she glances at her surroundings.

Personality Edit

Her young age and sheltered life attribute to her naivety, but having been outcast by her peers for her appearance she always looks to face new challenges to try and prove herself. She is empathetic to the lower caste and down trodden of the worlds and usually tends to help them the most.

History Edit

Aubery was a member of the expeditionary force to enter the Dark Portal after the Second War. When Ner'zhul opened portals to other worlds the world of Draenor was torn apart by the tremendous energies. It was up to the expedition to destroy the Dark Portal from the inside to save Azeroth from being destroyed as well. Though the world crumbled beneith their feet, she managed to survive with some of her comrades. Stranded on this destroyed world she met Raoule, a Draenei refugee. They worked together and formed a friendship, which turned into a much stronger relationship. Their love produced a child. Tamaara.

Growing up in Outland as a child was difficult enough, but growing up a half-breed seemed more difficult. Tamaara was often teased by the Draenei children because of the way she looked. She was excluded from many games and events and had very few friends. Because of her exclusion she became defiant. She felt the need to prove herself so she developed a strong bravery by often taunting the Shadowmoon Orcs.

It wasn't until the the Demon Lord Kazzak reopened the Dark Portal that she got her first glimps of Azeroth.

The Present Edit

Tamaara fell in love with the fast paced city of Stormwind. All the sights, sounds, and smells overwhelmed her with excitement and though many people turn their heads as she walks by they generally accept her. The market was what impressed her the most. Compared to the shattered life on Draenor, this world is so rich with goods and foods. It was this new experience that made her aspire to one day own her very own restaurant.

Out of Character Information Edit

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