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Information on Talchazzar Edit

Name: Tal'chazzar Dai Kao

Home Server: Shadow Council

Race: Dragon of the Black Dragonflight

Age: 684

Class: Paladin (Protection Spec)

Occupation: Retired Knight of Stormwind.

Professions: Jewelcrafter, Master Armorsmith

Guild: Confederation

Height/Weight: 6' 2" / 275 lbs.

Eye/Hair Color: Black

Notable Physical Information:

Tal'chazzar is missing his left eye due to a confrontation with his father (See Below). A scar runs across his face and around the open socket in the shape of large claw marks.

Family Information Edit

Father: Lord Victor Nefarius

Aunt: Lady Katrana Prestor

Wife: Suzaka Dai Kao

Children: Suzuna (Daughter), Matsumi ('Adopted Daughter'), and Shiun (Son)

Short History Edit

Tal'chazzar Dai Kao once lived in the great spire of Blackrock Mountain with the rest of his kin, the Black Dragonflight. After a night of horrid dreams and revelations he was awoken to the truth of his flight's corruption thanks to the efforts of the Blue, Red, and Bronze Dragonflights. He then confronted the lord of the spire and his own father, Nefarian. This confrontation ended nearly in the death of the youngling as he was cast out of the spire by force (Tossed from the balcony of Nefarian's very throne room).

Talchazzar only lived thru the selflesness of the Half-Elf Suzaka, who cared for him as he recovered from the violent fight with his father. After recovering fully he dedicated himself to the restoration of the lost honor of his family and heritage. He vowed to show the world that not all of his kind were insane with a lust for power. The first thing he did to show this was renouncing the very ability to take his 'true form.' Since that very day he has never taken the shape of that which he was born, the shape of a Dragon. Tal chooses to remain human until the day he perishes.

In the time since his awakening to the truth, Tal has also learned of the Philosophy of the Light. Since then he has dedicated himself to the preservation and learning of the Light. Swearing an oath of allegance to the cathedral and the order of the Paladin.

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