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This article is a player character biography page for Takurai of Area 52 US The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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HordeNPC 32Takurai Dawnstrider, Champion of the Naaru
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Silvermoon, Argent Crusade, Blood Knights
Location Argent Tournament, Silvermoon.
Status Alive

Biography Edit

Takurai Dawnstrider is the youngest sibling in his family, having been born to a pair of talented mages. While his sister may have taken to the arts of Magic, Takurai was drawn to The Silver Hand. Dreaming of being a Paladin, he praticed day and night, waiting for his fiftieth birthday, when he could squire with a Knight of the Silver Hand. A few days before the event, the Sunwell came under attack, and his family perished defending it. Awakening in a ruined Silvermoon, he searched for his family for days before concluding they were lost to him. He went into a depression, all of his dreams lost along with the life he once had. He was even lackluster about the Blood Elves decision to join the Horde after Keal'thas set out for Outland

However, he learned that somehow, some Sin'dorei had learned to tap the power of the Light. Setting out for Silvermoon proper once more, he met the Blood Knights. Although not as pleased as he hoped with the methods, he decided to train as one of the Blood Knights. After his part in defeating Dar'Khan Drathir, he met with Thrall. He was impressed by the gentleness of the Warchief, and his fears about the Horde were quickly laid to rest. He quickly rose through the ranks, with the assistance of many of his fellow Knights. Finally, he reached the rank of Master. It was then he was tasked to travel to Outland, to join with the Blood Elves there.

His first stop was in Hellfire, where, among other things, he assisted the Druids of the Cenarion_Expedition to cleanse the land. To his surprise, a Blood Elf was responsible for the creation of the Crystal Giants. Unsettled, he resumed his journey. Upon his arrival in Shattrath, all that was forgotten, though. He met a Naaru, A'dal. After several hours just basking in the Light of this creature, he decided then and there to follow the path of the Light, and sought the assistance of the Aldor in doing so.

Invigorated, he resumed his work for the Horde, clearing out several Arakkoa who had been causing trouble. In doing so, he discovered certain Rilak The Redeemed who shared his dedication to the Light. His final fear, that the Light would forsake him, was proved wrong, and thus he began to investigate the murder of several druids. To his horror, the source was none other the the Blood Elves serving Keal'thas. Cutting all ties with Silvermoon, for fear they would turn on him, he disabled the bomb. Then, in an act that haunts him to this day, he wiped out the entire settlement.

He dedicated the rest of his time to the service of the Aldor, and cutting down all Blood Elves not aligned with the Horde, up to the Princes right hand man. He vanished into the depths of Outland, not seen for some time.

Until, that is, word of the fight at the Sunwell reached his ears. Seeing Lady_Liadrin in Shattrath, appealing to A'dal, and hearing of Keal's betrayal of his people, he rejoined the Blood Knights, and in an act of dedication not seen since he met A'dal, he entered the Sunwell, assisting in Cleansing it of the dark taint. With the Sunwell reignited, and the Blood Knights forced to relearn how to use their powers, he cast his lot in with Silvermoon, laying aside his sword to help rebuild the city

However, this peace was not to last. The Scourge attacked the living, reminding them that The Lich King was still determined to bring about the death of the Mortal races. During his defense, he met a familer face. His sister, Zenios Dawnstrider, had been taken by the Scourge, and now led a large battalion of undead as a loyal Death Knight. After a long fight, which almost killed him, he stood before his lost sister, and tried to bring her back. Sadly, he was not able to free the Lich Kings grasp on her, and they were forced to fight. He gained the upper hand, but could not perform the killing blow. As he hesitated, she retreated, swearing they would meet again.

Lost and uncertain, he returned to Shattrath to consult the Aldor. To his surprise, A'dal had asked for his presence. The Naaru had selected him to take on a monumental task: the destruction of the Val'kyr. At first, he felt unworthy, but A'dal assured him his dedication to the Light would see him through any trial.

Thus did Takurai sail to Northrend, his heart heavy, but determined to do his part.

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