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Current Guild Edit

Was in Honored Death with my new Alliance druid, but quit raiding and reverted to casual play. It's more fun and family-friendly. My new guild is on Moon Guard: East Illidan Trading Company. Just me, my alts, a couple friends' inactive toons, and some people who signed the charter and never left.

Rerolled 2/28 on Cairne, new PvE server. Hunter. No tank, no heal, just pew pew pew.

June '08, Rhamos suggested I come back to Nordrassil and raid a bit with Twilight Resonance, and I did that for a while. Good group, friendly and efficient, good players. Still playing Moon Guard characters on non-raid days for the hell of it.

As of 8/26 I have rerolled, and will not be revisiting these characters unless I transfer them.

Update 11/7: Sussemilch and Wickerman (nee: Takanakani) now live on Exodar. The old group has reassembled, and is geared for the expansion. No nonsense.

The list below is outdated, also have a 70 tauren warrior and 69 belf pally on MG.

12-2009: List of toons is outdated, have 2 80 druids, 2 80 shamans, and 17 other chars over 60 at this point... currently playing a warlock on Illidan but I suspect that won't last long. The people are nice, but they don't log in very often and the group is thinning out. Posted my tribute to shamans, bag of sticks.

8/2/2012, playing on Emerald Dream (RP-PvP) with the guild Reborn Legion (A). Very nice folks.

Toons Edit

I've got about 2400 levels of characters on 20+ servers, the main ones being Sussemilch (85 Nelf Druid), Vanbracken (85 Human Rogue), and Plundermule (85 Human Paladin) on Emerald Dream.

Notes Edit

I used to raid but I don't much anymore. Mostly I craft and PvP and work the economy.

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