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World of Warcraft: Into the Maelstorm. The Great Sea makes up the deep waters between the continents of Azeroth. Some say that somewhere in the Great Sea lost islands still to be explored and such mysterious places such as the Broken Isles and the Undermine await travelers and something new lurks in the depths of the Maelstorm. Will you be prepared?

The South Seas Edit

The expansion would introduce not a whole continent but several islands - the mysterious, yet to be explored, islands of the South Seas with the Maelstorm nearby where Queen Azshara plots her ultimate strike on the world of Azeroth.

Zones Edit

Since the South Seas are mostly composed of water, Flightmasters are absent in isle-isle travelling and instead we have "Captains" - strong and adventurous men and women who will offer you a ride in a small boat to your destination for a few coin.

Zones and their levels:

  • Kezan (78-82//1-20)

Kezan is a giant tropical island (twice the size of Hellfire Peninsula), and the associated flora and fauna appear in the wilderness between cities. Palm trees are everywhere, and in the wild places tasty fruits and flowers can be found. Many tropical animals, including tigers and lots of bugs can also be found. Kezan has several natural bays, and the goblins have constructed at least small port towns in most of them. To the south, the elevation rises. Southern Kezan is volcanic, and several volcanoes constantly ooze lava into the ocean. Lava tubes and other geological tunnels and caves riddle the island. Since the defeat of the Lich King, both the Horde and the Alliance have turned their efforts to establish a base in Kezan to help the fight against the new threat beneath the sea, the goblins see this as an opportunity to profit and have joined both sides. The northern part of the island is where young goblins train the art of trade and they won't allow non-goblins to distrub their younglings, so beware if you are higher than level 30, you might get shot! The southern part of the island is where you can find the new settlements of your faction and where you're introduced to the goblin way of life.

  • Plunder Isles (82-84)

Coming soon!

  • Tel Abim (83-85)

Coming soon!

  • Zandalar (84-86)

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  • Kul Tiras Archipelago (85-87)

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  • Broken Islands (86-88)

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  • Gilneas (88-90)

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  • The Maelstorm (88-90)

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  • Undermine

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