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AllianceNPC 32Young Sudiin in Tanaris
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 85 Warrior
Affiliation Ironforge
Location Stormwind

Warrior Sudiin Edit

Born only a year before the start of the Third War, Sudiin Crimsonstone is the only offspring of gnomish parents who were killed in the Gnomeregan Wars. Rescued from certain death (or worse...) by one of his father's geologist collegues and Kelstrum Stonebreaker, he was raised in the safety of Ironforge, with growing admiration of the noble dwarves who supported the Exiles of his beloved Gnomeregan. When he was old enough to know the truth and at last learned of his homeland's destruction, he abandoned his tools and mechanic lessons. Instead he took up training with the best of dwarven and gnomish armsmen to eventually slay Thermaplugg, and revenge his parents and the taint on his race.

Travels Edit

Sudiin is known to have traveled far and wide across Azeroth after his successful trial as a trained warrior was completed. Having visited the Nightelves and Humans, he even journeyed to the crashed spaceship of the Draenei, the Exodar. Of particular note are Sudiin's visits to Mulgore and his rumoured friendship with the notable Tauren Chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoof. No other gnome in history has been known to share the Shu'Halo Ritual Pipe with the Tauren, let alone befriend their leader!

Despite the time spent in the arctic regions of Azeroth and also to relieve himself of the sunless chilling cold of Northrend, Sudiin pays frequent tribute to his gnomish friends and dwarven allies in Ironforge.

The Mission Edit

Shortly after Nefarian issued his bloody challange to the heroes of Azeroth, Sudiin took it upon himself to journey to the high peaks and visit tranquil Moonglade. After spending weeks in communion with the druids, silent meditation on the shores of Lake Elune'ara and rigorous excercise, Sudiin eventually realized his calling... His mission in life was to prevent evil from gaining ground in the World and to protect his allies who share this commitment. To this end he shared comradeship with several Guilds over the years which include Redux, Unseen Legion and Silence. Years ago Sudiin joined the ranks of Noble Elite Guard, a guild he serves loyally to this day, and having survived the great Cataclysm the befell the land upon the emergence of Deathwing he nows trains harder than ever to lead his comrades into battle against the nefarious leader of the Black Dragondflight...

Some of Sudiin's personal goals:

~ mastering the art known as tanking
~ helping friends out whenever he can
~ fight evil and injustice

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