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Vogin the Death Knight
"I shall forever feel,
the cold embrace of undeath"
[Armory Link]
Full Name:Vogin "Deathbane" Amberstill
Race:Human (Undead)
Class:Death Knight
Home: The Ebon Hold

Hi, im Vogin. This is my page for my World of Warcraft character.
This is a work in progress so you may find at lacking at best, but i hope to have a beta finished in the nearest future.

The Story of VoginEdit

The Early Days.Edit

Vogin Amberstill was born 38 years ago in Redridge Mountains during a hars winter. During this winter, the Blackrock Orcs from Burning Steppes sacked the city of Redridge . The parents of Vogin fled to Dun Morogh, seeking passage to Menethil Harbor. Here, they were slain by trolls, not far from Gol'Bolar Quarry. The trolls left Vogin to die in the bitter cold, but - to his luck - he was found by dwarves. The Amberstill family, from Amberstill Ranch took him in as one of their own, and raised him as a blacksmith. This toughened him, as he was forced to help out at the quarry gathering metals for the forging of weapons. At the tender age of 16 he crafted his own sword - "Bright Dawn" - which he still has today.

Becoming a Paladin. Edit

When Vogin wasn't working for his father, he often took time to visit the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City, to listen to the priests preaching the Holy Light. At the age of 20 he decided to leave his home of Amberstill to become a Paladin. For many years he studied and trained to become a champion of the light. He eventually succeded and was recruited to the fight in the Western Plaguelands.

The Love. Edit

It was in the plagued lands of Lordaeron he met the love of his life. Marilyn was her name and she was a volunteer in the Argent Dawn, tending the wounded and making food for the soldiers. It was love at first sight. They became married, and Marilyn gave birth to two boys - Jacob and Michael. To keep Marilyn and the boys away from harm, they moved to Hillsbrad Foothills, further away from the battles.


The Lich king came to inspect the
bodies of the fallen.

A Fateful Day. Edit

Vogin still served in the Argent Dawn and thus, was involved in many battles with the scourge. One Fateful day, he was sent with a regiment of paladins to Stratholme, in an attempt to recover the ravaged city. In a battle with the abomination known as Ramstein the Gorger, he was struck by a mighty blow. Only his strong plate armor kept him from being torn in half. Along with many of the other paladins, he died. After the remaining regiment had fled the city, The Lich King came to inspect. He found the fallen paladins and was impressed by their valor, and saw a potential for them in his own undead army. They were risen, and would once again fight for cause. But not a cause of their own.

Serving His Will. Edit

As a Death Knight, Vogin was under command of The Lich King. He served the will of Arthas without hesitation. Along with many other risen knights, he razed the lands of Lordaeron. Burning every settlement, and killing the inhabitants and raising the strongest as servants of Arthas. He rose up in the ranks of the Lich King and become one of the strongest and most brutal death knights of The Scourge. One day the Lich King granted him a mighty runeblade known as the Greatsword of the Ebon Blade. In order to fully initialize the blade, he was ordered to go to an internment camp in the now ruined New Avalon, and slay them all and drench the blade in their blood. He swung his sword with a ferocity unlike anything the other Death Knights had ever seen. But when he got to the last small group of prisoners, he stopped. The Woman and to boys looked at Vogin with much fear in their eyes. She recognized his face, and he recognized hers. It was Marilyn. For a few short seconds the Lich Kings power vaned in him. He was stunned. She stuttered the words: "Vogin?". In a split second, his eyes blackened and then lit up with blue fire. He Lich King once again stole his will, and forced unwilling action upon the family. Vogin killed his own family

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