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Hey! I decided to make up my own Expansion pack... I have thought about this for a little while. It's not finished yet and I will keep on editing!

Zones Edit

Grey Highland 82-85 They Grey Highland is a rough hilly area with wilted plants and burnt trees, the plains are full of ash that could be mistaken for snow. Blackened Woods 82-85 A dark threatening forest, even the strongest trees do not have one leaf, all life in the area is frozen by shadows and broken by time... Mount Steelmace 84-88 A huge active volcano with lava surrounding it. Inside are strong fire elementals and Dark Iron Dwarves. Verdant Feilds 85-99 You could be mistaken by this beautiful landmark. It is a most dangerous place... With hulking statues encrusted in moss and old ruins that have more than meets the eye. Ysera's Eye 85-89 This was previously Ysera's grand city but it was broken by the nightmare. It is now used as the Nightmares primary offensive HQ. Volcanic Caverns 86-90 Deep under Mount Steelmace these molten caves lie. Some of the more dangerous enemies lurk here. It is untouched by the nightmare, but this dose not mean the residents are friendly. Emerald Forest 87-92

Damned Land 88-95

Stonewall 88-95

Blackwraith Plaguelands 88-95

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