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ok...this is my revised class idea...lets see if it works


There are alot of good RPG's and alot of bad RPG's. The good RPGs stand out due to certin stuff. Most of the time, its the classes in the game that make the game. Alot of the good RPGs have a certin class, that makes then worth playing. And that class is the Necromancer. WOW dosnt have this class. Im not saying its not worth playing, im just saying it would be better. I have an idea for the Necromancer class for WOW.

Race LoreEdit

Back in the first War, Gul'dan and his Necrolytes founded a skill to Raise Skeletons and Undead. They called this skill Necromancy. That was a long time ago.



The Humans thought they mastered the Magic Arts. Little did they know that there was a Magic Art that they didnt know about until something went amiss and something grave got unleashed.


Before they got curses, they were still Humans. They were Mages, Warlocks and Necromancers. Even after the curse, they decided to keep studing them. Some became Druids to try to find a Cure. Some still looked into the Dark Arts. Some for Revenge, Some for a Cure through Death.


A Darweven Clan studied the Chaos Energy and Demonlogy. Some seeked more than to command the Summons of the Warlock. Some seeked to command the Death. Those who seeked to command Death were outcasted. Some prooved themselves worthy of joining the clan for the non crupt.



Gul'dan, to say, founded Necrology so it got passed on for generations and generations.


The Orcs Shared the Infromation with their Brotheren, the Trolls.


The Lich King had a lot of power over the Warlocks and the Necromancers. His regin ended and his power over them dwindled to nothing. They decided to turn on The Lich King.


Wands, Daggers, Maces, Unarmed, Swords and Duel Wield at Level 20
Cloth, Leather at level 20, Chain at level 40


A) Bone
Basic attack spell. Dose good damage but takes health to cast. Level 1 Bone Shard will deal X damage while you take X damage also. The Bone Spells come in AOE Spells also. Level 14 Bone Claw will Stun and Snare Target for Y time while you take X damage ECT.
B) Curses and Plagues
When you think of Curses, you think of Warlock's Curses. Necromancer's Cruses work diffrently than Warlock's Cruses. When you Curse something, the Curse is only at 1/2 power. To maximize the power of the Curse, you need a Plague. The Curses are a catalyst for the Plagues. For Ex, When you cast Curse of Inpending Doom, then cast Plague of the Demon, the Curse will have added power along with the effects of Plague of the Demon. No two Curses and Plagues will act the same. Meaning NO two Curses will have the same outcome as another Curse on a Plague. And vice-versa.


  • A) Raise Undead/Skeleton - One of your main Raise Spells.
    • I) Raise Skeleton Fighter - The weekest of the Skeleton types. He is Malee using an old Dagger. When the Skeleton levels up, he will gain new weapon ablities. To use them, the Necromancer will need the required weaon of choice. You will euqpit the Skeleton with the required weapon. When the Skeleton dies, he wont loose the weaopn he has. Fastest to level up. Gained at Level 1
    • II) Raise Skeleton Ranger - The normal one of the Skeleton types. He is Range DPS. As he levels up, he will gain new Shots/Stings. When you first Raise him, he only has 100 arrows and an old bow. You will need to equpit him with arrows and a bow, just like how you equpit the Skeleton Fighter. He takes the medium to level up. Gained at Level 7
    • III) Raise Skeleton Mage - The strongest of the Skeleton types. He is Magic DPS and uses Unholy or/and Chaos Energy. As he levels up, he gains new and stronger spells. He takes the longest to level up. Gained at level 16
  • B) Raise Abomination - Your main pet.
    • I) Attacks - Normal malee with some magic spells.
    • II) Bone Graff - When you kill something, you hightlight the corpse and you click Bone Graff. A paper doll status equpit screen will come up. You will choose between Head, Top Torso, Right Arm, Left Arm, Bottom Torso, Right Leg, Left Leg and Tail. You will highligh one of them. When you do, you will exit the screen and your Abomination will be permanetly altered. Bone Graff will change the stats and ablities.
    • III) Skin Graff - Same as above. Same paper doll status euqpit screem come up. But insted of changing/altering of stats, it will change/alter the appearence for a more special talk on the Abomination


  • A) Bone - Deals with your Bone Spell Damage output and while taking less damage.
  • B) Pandemic - Deals with your Curses and Plagues making them stronger.
  • C) Necrology - Deals with your Skeletons and Abomination.

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