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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Stavious Alliance 15 Ravenholdt IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest 40 None Private
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Being a human priest, Stavious strongly believes in the Light, the instinct that guides the members of the Alliance to do the right thing. Though he has always believed that the Alliance and its leaders were the voice of justice, what he has seen through his traveling tell him that it may not be so. He shall always question the authority under which he is guided, but never wish to work against it, for it is what protects his people against the dark invaders. Therefore, High Priestess Laurena of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, has sent him on a quest to aid the Alliance in Duskwood so that he may return and believe in the capabilities of the Light.

Journey LogEdit



Today Stavious resides in the Scarlet Raven inn in the human town of Darkshire. This is only temporary living; the priest was sent there by his elites to aid the people of the cursed region as best he can, but he does not enjoy it much. The priest is sure to go back and visit his home land of Elwynn Forest when ever he can, and be refreshed from the gloomy darkness that surronds the area of Duskwood. ---

Menethil Harbor

Menethil Harbor

The land of Darkshire changed the Priest and brought him face to face with many evils he did not know yet existed. If at first he was only fighting for justice, now, as if by some corrupt spell, Stavious has become more selfish in his actions and even began studying in the dark arts of the priest ways... After finishing his many quests in the misty region of Darkshire, among them defeating the corrupted Morbent Fel and the evil Stalvan, Stavious' journies have taken him to Menethil Harbor of the Wetlands. Though the land looked much more relaxing and peaceful then his previous home, this soon proved to be only the first impression. Soon enough the priest heard words of the war raging between the Dwarves in the region and soon went to aid his fellow allies in combat. ---

The dark Dwarves of the Wetlands, aided by the Oozes and Slims and various beasts proved to be little match for the talented priest. Very soon afterwards Stavious found himself heading north to the Arathi Basin where the humans of the Alliance waged war with the Forsaken Undead of the Horde. Being a loyal member of the Alliance Stavious immediatly confronted the Horde in battle for the resources in the region. Yet the evil nature that has confronted the Priest back in Duskwood had not left him yet. Indeed he discovered that if he was to increase his knowledge of the darker spells he would be of more aid to the Alliance in their struggle against the Horde. Stavious then began to develop his skills in the dark priest magics, and discovered that he could even control humanoids minds and their actions through various spells.


Noboru the Cudgel

Eager to use his new powers Stavious immediatly went to the Swamps of Sorrow, a place left empty of any Alliance civilization. He soon however discovered a handful band of Draenei warriors who have come to aid their fallen brethern the Broken Exiles. These demanded him to search deep into the mists of the swamps and rage battle with the Lost Ones another group of more corrupt Draenei. Stavious' latest great victory was over the Lost Ones' leader: Noboru the Cudgel, who he was able to defeat in battle, thus bringing some more peace to the hearts of the Broken Draenei.

Current EventsEdit

Weary of the fight between the Alliance and the Horde, Stavious traveled off to the forested region of Stranglethorn Vale owned by the busy and greedy Goblins of Booty Bay. There the priest was sent on many various quests to discover the wilderness and the monsters that live in it. At first the weak beasts and trolls proved to be no challange for the skilled priest, but as he progressed in experience so did they, and soon Stavious discovered him self hiding in the bushes from the trolls' patrol guards; a situation he wishs never to repeat. The veiws and sights of the Vale sure did help him get his mind off of the 'real' fighting that was going on in the other parts of Azeroth, but it was just too soon before he was called back to the Arathi Highlands to aid the forces of the Alliance. The main problem he faces now is that of money, for, despite the great experience which they give, the beastst of Stranglethron Vale carry no purses on them and do not drop coins when defeated. Now at a time when he is talented enough to buy a mount Stavious must find quick ways in order to get a lot of money for such a big purchase. The question is how...?

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