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This article is a player character biography page for Abbaroth of Farstriders US created by ssos514. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Abbaroth Windreaver is the Eldest son of Pentair and Ahn’wren Windreaver and sibling of Jaxarl and Daldiir. Abbaroth was the only one of his siblings to travel the path of his father and grandfather as a druid. Born with amber eyes, Abbaroth is believed to one day become a powerful druid. Already he has shown signs of great ability and control of nature’s power.

The intense tutelage under his father was interrupted by the invasion of the Legion and Abbaroth fought beside Pentair as the night elves struggled to protect Nordrassil, the World Tree from the hellish onslaught. After the Great Tree was sacrificed to save the world, Abbaroth took upon the grim task of carrying his father’s body back home. The image of his father, falling under a daemon’s blade still replaying itself in his mind and Abbaroth was helpless to save him. The daemon turned on Abbaroth after quickly dispatching his father. Abbaroth then lacked the skills to defeat such a foe and would have been lost if it had not be for the army a Treants summoned by Malfurion Stormrage to aid the elves.

Upon returning home, Abbaroth found his brother, Daldiir, tending to their mother. She was lying on the ground, her white robes torn and stained with blood. Abbaroth laid Pantair’s body beside his wife. Daldiir looked up at his eldest brother and Abbaroth saw the pain of loss in his eyes. Daldiir saw it reflected back in his brother’s stare and once again lowered his head. Jaxarl stepped out of the shadows, his armor slashed and splattered with gore, he limped toward the two bodies on the ground. Daldiir glanced at his younger sibling as he spoke blessings over their parents. Once finished, Abbaroth spoke an inaudible command and the earth itself opened and bore his parents down to their final rest on a bed of flowering vines. At the sight, Daldiir fled into the forest. Jaxarl began to follow his brother when Abbaroth laid a firm grip upon his shoulder. He explained that Daldiir just needed to be alone to cope and would return.

Four years later, Daldiir has still not returned and Abbaroth now hears tales that his brother has become a Death Knight to further his plans of vengeance against the Legion. Jaxarl tries to console Abbaroth upon hearing this news but now Abbaroth feels he must bear the responsibility of letting his father die and allowing his middle brother to fall to darkness. Abbaroth has continued his training as a druid with his father’s old friend Mathrengyl Bearwalker. He has vowed to fight the Legion and permanently banish them from Azeroth forever and find his brother and bring balance to the world once again…

…where the living live in peace, and the dead stay dead.


Considered stoic even among night elves, Abbaroth keeps to himself. Other elves treat him with the respect reserved for a druid though they remain wary of him. The stories of his brother, Daldiir, have other night elves worried about his sanity. Those fearing the remaining brothers may turn to darkness regard them as weak willed wish them to be exiled. Abbaroth withdrawing into himself has alienated his youngest brother, Jaxarl who has recently joined the class of Rogues. Abbaroth is currently located in Northrend taking on tasks to build his strength and improve his abilities. He has yet to locate Daldiir.

In BattleEdit

Abbaroth, like his father, prefers the staff as his primary weapon. Unlike his father however, he does not rely on the spirit of the animals to aid him but on the power and fury of nature and the heavens to obliterate his obstacles. Often Abbaroth will call upon the moonkin spirit to further enhance his abilities.


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