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This is an idea for Inscriber as a possible class.

Basis in Lore

1. Inscriber is already an official RPG class.

Outline of class

1. Inscribers use Runes and Runesets instead of spells. They still have access to some basic Arcane spells like a Mage or Warlock but their true strength lies in the Runes. Runes, instead of using an energy bar, instead have a certain "stack" of commands (similar to an item) that can be used in battle. Once these stacks of Runes are used up then the Inscriber must use other Runes to recharge these Runes or possibly make it so that Runes recharge once used up on their own.

2. There are three variants of this class which focus on Magecraft, Warlockery, and Necromancy.

3. An Inscriber has a large amount of variety in their spells. Whereas a Mage is more similar to a Sorcerer and thus are better at blowing stuff up and have easier access to their magic, whereas an Insriber is more similar to a Wizard and have a larger selection of spells but their magic is more difficult to use. THe reason for this is because of the large and varied number of Runes in Rune Magic. There are Rune patterns meant for Restoration and so it's possible that this class may have access to a few weaker healing spells.

4. Inscribers get similar perks to Inscriptionists and can make Glyphs and Tomes but only for themselves. These items bind when picked up and therefore is not equivalent to an actual profession.

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