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My MacrosEdit

  • Here is a list of the macros I wrote and have already since shared with the Wiki community.
  • A tid-bit about my macros, I love to use the question mark icon to show the spell you intend to use and am really into the changling macro as I call them.

Greater Heal or Flash HealEdit

#showtooltip [modifier:shift] Greater Heal; Flash Heal
/cast [modifier:shift] Greater Heal; Flash Heal
  • Inspired by my Rogue Finisher Macro and my friend who has a hard time finding her healing spells and knowing what ones to use.
  • A simple way to chose a heal without pressing all sorts of buttons or trying to find them.
  • Default heal upon using the macro is Flash Heal, with the modifier as shift holding shift down allows you to use Greater Heal instead.
  • Confirmed does work as intended.

Sqeeks (talk) 04:46, September 30, 2009 (UTC)

Power Word: Shield or RenewEdit

#showtooltip [modifier:shift] Renew; Power Word: Shield
/cast [modifier:shift] Renew; Power Word: Shield
  • Inspired by my Rogue Finisher Macro and my friend who has a hard time finding her healing spells and knowing what ones to use.
  • A simple way to chose rather you cast your classic Priest bubble or cast Renew without fussing with finding the spells in your action bar(s).
  • Default spell is Power Word: Shield, with the modifier as shift holding shift down allows you to cast Renew.
  • Confirmed does work as intended.

Sqeeks (talk) 04:46, September 30, 2009 (UTC)

Mouseover CastEdit

/cast [target=mouseover,noharm,exists] Penance;[noharm]Penance
  • Inspired to replace using Healbot mostly because lately it screwed up and reset and won't let me change it back to how I could read it easaly I re-wrote a mouseover macro.
  • A very effective way to cast a heal, buff, or debuff spell without targeting anyone.
  • Simply curse over the player/npc with your curser and press the hotkey button with the macro.
  • Works with party frames and raid frames and any spell.
  • If you look under "Useful Macros For Priests" you'll find a mouseover macro to cast Flash Heal or use Mind Blast, depending if they are an "enemy" or an "ally".
  • Will take a little bit of getting used too but is totaly worth it considering you don't have to keep targeting people instead you can watch a bosses health.
  • Confirmed does work as intended.

--Sqeeks (talk) 06:04, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Evicerate or EnvenomEdit

#showtooltip [modifier:shift] Eviscerate; Envenom
/cast [modifier:shift] Eviscerate; Envenom
  • This macro is just like the one above it except it is more ideal for solo killing or doing burst damage against a boss if he/she is close to death.
  • Also good for PvP for burst scare damage or fast kills of clothies.
  • Envenom is default to show and as mentioned above holding shift down will allow you to use Eviscerate.
  • If you use the questionmark icon then the image will match the finisher you aim to use so there is no confussion.
  • Having both macros will allow you to use less action slots for other items or skills and use the one you want at any given time.
  • You can add a third or even fourth modifier to include more then just the two writen above.
#showtooltip [modifier:shift] Eviscerate;[modifier:ctrl] Envenom; Expose Armor
/cast [modifier:shift] Eviscerate;[modifier:ctrl] Envenom; Expose Armor
  • With this macro if you look at the icon using the question mark the icon and tooltips for Expose Armor will be default, pressing and holding shift will allow use of Eviscerate and see the tooltips and finally pressing and holding the ctrl button will allow you to use Envenom and see the tooltips.

Sqeeks (talk) 04:31, September 30, 2009 (UTC)

Rupture or Slice and Dice in one buttonEdit

#showtooltip [modifier:shift] Rupture; Slice and Dice
/cast [modifier:shift] Rupture; Slice and Dice
  • This macro lets you have both finishing moves in one button using the modifier shift to change between, great for PvP or a raid when fighting a boss to keep doing dps without the burst damage.
  • The default image should be question mark so it will show the tool tips for the finisher you are about to use.
  • This will not change and stay you must hold down the shift key or any modifier key you chose to use.
  • Slice and Dice will always be default without holding shift down unless you replace it with another finisher.
  • Made by Sqeeks of Staghelm, inspired by reading how to make a macro on

Sqeeks (talk) 04:31, September 30, 2009 (UTC)

Other peoples MacrosEdit

  • Here is a list of the macros I found and have used myself, I may have changed one or two spells but otherwise it was writen by someone else.

Ambush or GarroteEdit

/cast [equipped:Daggers] Ambush; Garrote
  • I got the idea for this one macro by changing it from the option of using Ambush or Kidney shot macro just changed it to Garrote seeing it as more practical a skill.
  • This lets you use Ambush if you have a dagger equipped otherwise will default to Garrote. You can change it to Garrote with a certin kind of weapon by adding [equipped:Mace] after Ambush like so:
/cast [equipped:Daggers] Ambush;[equipped:Mace] Garrote

Bubble'n HearthEdit

/castsequence [target=player] reset=300 Divine Shield, Hearthstone
  • The classic Paladin exit plan, bubble and hearth.
  • I picked this macro up from

Random MountEdit

/run if (not IsMounted()) then local t={8,18,26} CallCompanion("MOUNT", t[random(#t)]) else DismissCompanion("MOUNT") end
  • This macro lets you randomly use a mount you own.
  • How it works is the numbers after "t={" are the mount slots, counting left to right top to bottom go across and only go up without starting over to get the correct number for that mount.
  • I use it to randomize my 280% mount speed from the rest of my mounts and then another one for all of my 100% mount speed from the rest.

Mashable SapEdit

/console targetNearestDistance 10,000000
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/console targetNearestDistance 41.000000
/cast [harm,nodead] Sap
  • A Sap command that you can just mash untill you sap someone.
  • Great for PvP or doing instances where there may be a stealthed NPC.
  • Targets an enemy that is closest to you and attempts to sap them, doesn't break stealth or anything harmful to your cause.
  • If stalking another stealthed player in PvP and they become visible to you even for a second you will sap them if your mashing the macro.

Quick Poison WeaponEdit

#showtooltip Deadly Poison VII
/use Deadly Poison VII
/use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17
  • This lets you put the poison of your choice on your weapons.
  • Its writen when using the same poison on both weapons.
  • All you have to do is left click on the macro and it will poison your main hand weapon, if you right click it will poison your off-hand weapon.
  • Very good macro for on the fly fighting so you don't spend a lot of time adding the poison manualy.
  • With the "#showtooltip" it will show the poisons icon, tooltip info & current on-hand count of that poison. But only if you use the question mark icon.

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