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Neutral 32 Zandalari Rebellion
Main leaderIconSmall ZandalarTroll Male Ghaliri
Race(s)IconSmall ZandalarTroll MaleIconSmall ZandalarTroll Female Zandalar troll
IconSmall IceTroll MaleIconSmall IceTroll Female Ice troll
IconSmall DireTroll Dire troll
IconSmall Murloc Murloc
Theater of operationsZandalar

The Zandalari Rebellion is an open rebellion declared by Ghaliri to stand against King Rastakhan. The Rebellion's motive was to eliminate Rastakhan and the Zandalari Empire.


  • IconSmall ZandalarTroll MaleIconSmall ZandalarTroll Female Zandalari Rebels: a group of trolls that chose to defy Emperor Rastakhan and invite a few races to serve them in their cause to stand against the Zandalari Empire.
  • IconSmall IceTroll MaleIconSmall IceTroll Female Winterfang tribe: an ice troll tribe that lived in Northrend alongside the Drakkari. After taking over Zul'Drak, Kril'fon and his people aid the Zandalari Rebellion to stand against Rastakhan and the Zandalari Empire.
  • IconSmall DireTroll Blightblood tribe: a peaceful tribe of Blightblood Trolls that were once monstrous creations of Overlord Drakuru. Living in Northrend, the Blightblood Trolls aid the Zandalari Rebellion to stand against Rastakhan and his newly formed Empire.
  • IconSmall Murloc White Shark tribe: a tribe and force of Murlocs that lived on the stretch of coast closest to Valgarde. Led by Shlur, the White Shark Murlocs are expected to aid the Zandalari Rebellion to stand against Rastakhan and his newly-former empire.

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