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Moon eladrins
Faction/AffiliationGuardians of the Moon
Character classesPriest, Warrior
Racial capitalKelreska, Torilaar
Racial leader(s)Vysha Vandaar
Primary language(s)Unknown
Secondary language(s)Common
AlignmentNeutral good

Moon eladrins are the most common of all the eladrin subraces in the planet Argus.


Early HistoryEdit

When the Moon eladrins were primitive, they received visions from great beings of light. They warned them of a great darkness drawing ever closer to their world. Upon their world appeared a massive crystal. This monument shielded the entire world from the sight of the Burning Legion.

The Sun and Wood eladrins remained separate over time from the Moon eladrins, taking a third of the crystal with them. Each gained the powers of the forest and moon, but they never forgot their deep connection with the light. However, the Sun eladrins had a stronger connection to the light their moon and wood brothers. For many millennia, all three races lived in peace; each power growing stronger and becoming wiser. Unfortunately, the crystal was never supposed to be divided.

The Naaru, who gave them the crystal in the first place, knew that they had divided their precious gift into three. They were hoping the combined eladrins would understand soon that it should be made whole without their guidance. When the light shield around their world began to fade, they knew that they had to intervene. When the Naaru revealed themselves to the eladrins, not all of them wanted to accept their ways at first. While the Sun eladrins agreed to follow, the Moon and Wood eladrins had their suspicions. These beings came out of nowhere, claimed to be the ones protecting them, and now ask for their assistance? They did not listen right away. It cost them their homes.

Shortly after a meeting, the Burning Legion began their invasion on the planet. When the wood eladrins were corrupted, the Moon eladrins were forced to make contact with the Sun eladrins about the cause. The Sun eladrins agreed to their assistance and a found a way to save them. Tyro Winvar, the superior leader of the Sun eladrins, contacted the Naaru and spoke with A'dai. A'dai had wondered how to free them from corruption as well. With limited time, A'dai bestowed upon Tyro, some of what he knew, and gave a portion of his power to Tyro as well. This allowed him and his people to shine the light upon them and free all the Wood eladrins from corruption that burned right out of them.

Traveling to ArgusEdit

After freeing the Wood eladrins from their corruptive selves, the Moon eladrins believed that their homeworld was no longer safe. All three races decided to travel with the Naaru in their attempts to find a new home bringing everything they could with them. The Naaru, along with the eladrins, were able to cure several races and even save worlds from corruption. Hoping to find their new home, the Moon, Sun, and Wood eladrins were guided by the Naaru through a portal which led them to Argus.

While the Sun and wood eladrins discovered lands that were empty, the Moon eladrins were told by the Naaru, "We have already helped those we could here. Now it is your turn. You must fulfill your purpose and light to this world once more. Drive the Darkness back". At last, all races began to reform the lands created their shields to cover a massive area over the lands they inhabit. They then take the shield and everything inside, traveling to a pocket dimension where they build and plan to restore the planet over the next 25,000 years.

Physical appearancesEdit

Like all eladrin, the Moon eladrins closely resemble to humans, but more slender and beautiful. Their skin is pale, often with an icy blue hue and their hair is commonly black, blue, purple, silver, or white. The eye color within is mainly blue.

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