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Neutral 32 The Argent Remnant
Argent Crusade
Main leaderMaxwell Tyrosus
Race(s)IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead Female Forsaken
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female Dwarf
IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female Blood elf
Character classesPaladin, Priest, Warrior, Knight
CapitalTyr's Hand
Base of operationsNorthern Lordaeron
Theater of operationsLordaeron
Main languageCommon
Secondary languagesVarious
AffiliationSilver Hand, Brotherhood of Light
Notable reward(s)Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector
Pattern: Brilliant Spellthread
TabardMOC Argent Dawn

The Argent Remnant is a small order of holy warriors formed from the union of the Argent Crusade.


The Argent Remnant was formed shortly after the death of Tirion Fordring. It is revealed that Tirion was murdered by Galen Trollbane, who planned to destroy the Argent Crusade's neutrality.

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