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March 26, 2013
  • I live in I live in Silvermoon city on the Remorse server with my lvl 255 hunter bloodelf Soph and I live in Darnasses on my lvl 80 nightelf hunter on the Redemption server
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is Deathfeather is currently being held hostage in silvermoon and Soph is princess of silvermoon city
  • I am Bloodelf / Nightelf (female)

Okay, some of you may know me from the Redemption Server as DeathFeather in the guild Rainbow Hugs & Kisses. I am a night elf hunter at max level for the Server. I can help in anyway possible I am a main DPS for my guild. I can tank a little but that is only for small instances lvls 10-40. The rest I am a main DPS. If you need a DPS I can be a main one. I have my pets at max lvl, health, and etc. I also have a lvl 50 Dranei mage. With her i can do lvl 20-30 instances. But my main is DeathFeather so next time I'm online (soon I hope) give me a whisper and I'll see if I can help you with anything you might need help with. (alliance).

On the Remorse Server I have a level 225 Horde Hunter named Soph, I can do Solo, DPS, and Tank on her. I am against harming any alliance members when ever I am logged in with her. She is my main on the Remorse Server. I can help with big time level and I can run you through instances lvls 80-150 with her. My pets are at their maxed level, health, and etc. If you are an ally and need help don't be scared to ask me. Although I am a horde I wont attack any alliance member unless it's in Warsong Gultch or any place like that. So if you need help with lvling, instances, or quest you can whisper me at anytime I will be happy to help. the guild I am in is Magic Poptarts (weird name I know, blame Muddkip my guild leader). I will be happy to help you with anything. :) Word of warning if you are low lvl alliance and you attack you better have a fast mount. My pet will kill you in one hit and I can as well. :P

If you have any other questions about me or my characters email me at I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Till then,

~DeathFeather / Soph ILY~ <3

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